He Doesn't Want Kids

He doesn’t want kids

Uncle Agony dear, I’ve been married for three years but my husband still insists on waiting to have children. At first I understood since he had frequent work...
Valentine Date

A Letter to Nanyonga, My Valentine’s Day Date

Dear, Nanyonga, First off, I am sorry to address you by your biological, ancient, ancestral, mother-tongued name. The other name skipped my mind. Will you allow me call...
My Boyfriend has a Problem

My Boyfriend Has Serious Issues

Uncle Agony dear, I have issues with my boyfriend. He is a mummy’s boy. He likes picking fights even over the smallest things you can thing of and...
He Cheated in My Face

I watched him cheat

Uncle Agony dear, Whenever my husband goes out at night to watch a major football match, he doesn’t come back until the next morning claiming it was too...

Part II – Her

From the Honourable School of Legends, the Streetsider presents: Our first guest writer. Please welcome our very first Sub Urban Legend, The Hitchhiker. “Not suitable for persons under 18....
UMEME Uganda Sucks

UMEME Romance

That Sunday, escaping the chokingly dull atmosphere at lunch with the relas, Trish had gone to watch her cousin play football. It was there that she slowly...
Sexual Fantasies

Fantasizing Without The Cabbage

I was sending flirty texts to a potential lover when he asked me: <So what’s yr fantasy?> (If you’re not the type of person who texts in proper English,...
Safe Words During Sex

Safe Word Ideas: Safe Words to Use During Sex

As he was taking off my clothes he said, “What should we use as a safeword?” “Ummm, how about ‘no’.” I responded, between kisses. The idea of me yelling “Cabbages....
My Husband is Broke

My Man Is Making Me Broke

Uncle Agony dear, I met this guy almost a month now, he is a good guy who lives a posh life, he loves material things and he looks...
Lust Vs Love

Don’t get it twisted, lust is a beautiful thing…

That warm, honey brown feeling just above the loins. This is what makes you do crazy/dumb things, like climb downstairs at 1 30 am on a rainy Tuesday...

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