Mbu What?

  • gundi

    eh! that threz a chatbox now?

  • Kafulu

    This chat thing is kewwlll

  • Freak

    Who has a pirated copy of ‘unknown’?

  • refugeeInApothole

    sounds like foshito Brown….

  • Fan

    Nyce design

  • Baz

    I have things to say. Some of them are unsavory. Actually only one of them.
    The word “unsavory”.

  • joshua mazune

    totally hillarious!!!

  • McTrevors

    I think people shouldnt be moved. just make sure if it happened now u’ld go to heaven!

  • Musajja Akawa

    Now accepting post-apocalyptic friend and food requests…

  • phiona

    the old guy/messiah, must be in hiding….so we cn think he went to heaven. haha!

  • Tor Hershman

    It’s ” POPE GUY The Pontiff Man “”

  • phiona

    Seya shd be given his chance to be in kintu, his time will kam wen he’ll be ditched like Bukenya

  • phiona

    the legends, ure entertaining thermometer is on freezing point pliz do something! we are tired of reading the same old stuff

  • allan.b.

    the legends,i was fade up with the walk 2 work & walk 2 pray shizo, now if Mr. Governor, Sebo Mutebile can blame Uncle Sevo 4 all this sky rocketing infl’n, then who is there to put a blockade on to Uncle Beso’z gate in Kasangati?

  • Dani3

    UuSharon o bba u r cool

  • oj

    sick busturds…… bukenya shld rot in jail with all his budies…………

  • puis

    Hot100fm is the best youth radio station

  • Malik Ahmad

    Lol! “You call Uganda money shit money? Malyamungu! Take this man outside and show him what we do to shit!”

  • jake

    Okay, first, Chill. Seriously, go take a chillpill or something (go woosaaah).
    And, the bong, That is just science dude. It is a chemistry set kinda thing. IF YOU CAN’T STAND THE SMELL STAY OUTTA THA… No wait, hmmmm…
    Okay, ASK NOT WHAT YOUR…, Maid?
    Okay, I will let you have this one cause I don’t know how to argue at your level.
    AND IT ISN’T GREY!! It’s pukecock white!!

  • samie

    its an interesting article

  • mia

    i looove…

  • Squibb

    downright hilarious…

  • sandra

    but BBA always Ugandan gals injustice…we are so misrepresented….

  • Eric

    My dear Unc’s, thanks for doing all Ugandans justice…esp saya and kazibwe

  • solomon

    i have read the tips on beating the breathalyser and not seen a single disclaimer so am going to try it and someone better be responsible

  • Sleek

    Solomon, be nice, make sure you share the results

  • Roberts kkubo

    We really love u sharon

  • Ghostryder

    DJ TUMZ is the real s**t up in here…meanwhile the second last bump (Numbered 1 here) is as if it won’t download. All the same ULK is just too bad

  • Alys Gero

    1A, 2E

  • Ada Dianne

    1.A, 2.E

  • Alys Gero

    Naye ULK, you deserve awards! Not just one…

  • Jemima

    there’s no difference! they’re both too cute!

  • Sseremba Muhammad

    Muhammad; gal u need how can i call it in fact u nee a troopy not an award

  • atuhairwe nicholas““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`

    ““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`tboth of them look gorgeous!!!oops“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`

  • atuhairwe nicholas““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`

    both of them look gorgeous!!!!oops

  • Asukwo O. Uye

    Hmmmm, Interesting. Nigerians are always the colourfull characters.

  • alys gero

    naye me i think am addicted to this website, hmmm kyoka bambi

  • Alys gero

    eh eh, the music real plays…eh eh…i have maalo.

  • lwizo

    mbu lukwags wants the vendors in kla,isnt this guy jus seekin a cheap lay??



  • chapat


  • william

    dude u jus killed me with this one lmao

  • lynda

    R.E.S.P..E.C.T ssebbo

  • Akankunda Justus


  • Felix

    Bazanerst z my fav!

  • Phiona

    Oprah Winfrey

  • Mike Omalla

    u rock my world guyz

  • Evelyn

    lmao :) stenographer ma bigfoot…. Nalu wat?? lol

  • betty

    martha is just naggging, bt thnx so mch, guy

  • Mampe

    Eh eh? What is this? A general chatbox? Just being there for us to put general comments in? Like this?

  • Mampe

    I can see my name! Yay! Now I’m famous.
    And yes, it IS a general chatbox.

  • kayhz

    anyone online?

  • masereka .j

    how do things run here?

  • Sleek

    Masereka, they are usually too fly to run

  • king solomon

    great humour

  • Asukwo Uye

    Awesome write-up

  • Jackie

    Hilarious! It has made my day.

  • magala hamza

    do your friends matter to u lorna in yo love lyf?he tried being him than tryna to show these galz tat he is big he wa for real and a appreciate tat not payin for yo galz bill tat is it ryt?how would it feel if u put yoself in his shoes and it wa u to clear his boyz bill wat impression would it give u?think twice

  • arthur tha puzzle

    cool site….much needed for one to crack a rib….big ups

  • Donatella

    Cool page guys. In other news Mama Mabira is in hospital Fighting for her life after a bad accident on Ebs road this morng. Prayers pipo

  • AH=meday

    This site is a force to reckon with especialy in this kampala on this site.

  • crush

    okay mahogany just dreamt about before,now his tormentor lets go of his tail,so free to wag it around iryn.hummmm i love UG

  • Mama Nyabo!

    This site, in all its newness is so fantabulously gorgeous. Sheeeiiit.

  • Arthur

    The new look, I have liked it

  • Alys

    Eh, nga mulina swagga! And, u’re welcome (4 the support). No, no, guys. Please dnt kneel, get up. No, Baz, really.

  • Pharme729

    Hello! ffgadga interesting ffgadga site! I’m really like it! Very, very ffgadga good!

  • Chicka

    LOL @ the frozen baby tigers. Please don’t put them back in the fridge.

  • Name

    I have subscribed…era no more missing the new stuff…hehehe, eh! i am excited!

  • dcs bible


  • Bam

    i dare u to put those bu foold back in the fridge

  • I like tigers

    Don’t be fake meaniegreenies naamwe.

  • Boub

    Happy BD Ernest. Yo the BEST.

  • Alys

    Commemorating world aids day by adopting a pothole orphaned by…no wait, that’s not right… jus adopting i guess

  • Terry

    Hello Earnest. Yes. I happen to go to Olduvai gorge. That has been my school for five years. I assure you there are no signs of cholera-or even its evolution. But Olduvai gorge? really? Thats my school! You schmuck!

  • Sarah

    I think fact No. 9 needs some adjustments it should read “walking is prohibited to particular pipo in the country”

  • Kabuye

    This is a very interesting way of lookig at things. please don let Kayikuuzi(Kayihura) blink while readin this

  • Alys


  • Alys

    Are these politicians being scandalous just to appear on ULK? Eh, okay….you’re big like that…I see.

  • Name


  • Cifeisoto

    привет all. давно ни во что не играл…. какие щяс игрушки рульные?

  • Terry

    Hahaha, blasphemy! I’m not quite sure your maker is finding this as hillarious as I am because lets face it, he has no sense of humour, and I don’t think You would like him to show it now would you? Hahaha. Good one though!

  • Alys

    It’s snowing in Kampala. Thank you ULK!

  • eddy

    ULK makrs my day my dy with the thrilling articles

  • phoebe

    u guys should demand a tv station… or just hola at that minister who stole the masts… for those of us who havent been bitten by the social- network/ anything- computer-borne, bug??

  • Taban Fatiha

    Some things that ain’t worth complain’ abt in Ug anymo. Surely if u did, you leave us no choice but to think you a newbie/foreigner, well whatever!

    1. Potholes: (like seriously? gundi by now is it not clear how endowed we r with geographical features? and wu sed they are potholes, ezo Craters, yes! in the middle of the streets.)

    2. Umeme: (now this one hmm, when they said dark continent, what did you think they meant? surely now u shud be used to it, gula generator lol)

    3. Taxis: (ma3s,hmm what is the prob?, the stench, old seats, that rude conductor oba the careless driver? If they could, even in your compound they wud park. aha sigh)

    4. Jam: (the more the credit crunch, simanyi fuel price hikes, the more the cars, how do you explain that? simple. it all equals to a wealthy city, abantu bali mubintu!heheheh wama Mun G okitegela!)

    your truly
    Random thoughts just…

  • AG

    eh eh, kyoka enygma is a rio rio singer, oba raper? rappist, no rapper! uy\\yeah, rapper!

  • Dreshak

    kmt! ebyo bichi,,,simanyi bichi!

  • Kollin

    Totally Adictive…Keep doing what you do

  • Rukundocollin

     Mbu What: Totally Adictive…Just keep on doing what you guys do


  • oscar zziwa

    ernest u kip mi smilin kip it up

  • arthur “tha puzzlekitakufe

    great work!keep it up fellaz

  • Arthur Wonny

    Wow! Awesome. Finally i’m proud of something from this crap hole of a country. I bumped into this site like…well, i don’t remember but i think i’ve a new erection__sorry umm, addiction. It’s like my new hecklerspray! Anyways to the editors, 1 question-is it possible for someone to send an article? Not that you ve to publish it but just to look through? Like some ideas and all?

  • ULK

    Arthur, send your email address to feedback@urbanlegendkampala.com. Or just use our ‘Contact us’ page

  • alfred beilin

    hi there im looking for matt longstaf is he still posting here
    alfred beilin

  • Banange

    Nga our comments break break? As if we be stuttering?

  • anita angel


  • daud


  • Kollin Rukundo

    This site is off the hook.
    mbu what? I know u guys r probably lying on the floor all speechless, filled with self pride now…work on the easy-humor.


  • Leonard “Lenny” Ogwal

    Ernest’s lines of wit, satire and humour alone are too overwhelming for me to bear. When you put him together with the rest of the legends…DAMN!!! The laughs are commanded aplenty. Ever since i discovered ULK I’ve been struggling to get work done at the office and, annoyingly the strips keep coming incessantly, each piece seemingly wittier than the previous. YOU BE KILLIN ‘EM LEGENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rocky

    i know Zarie personally. i live in pretoria as she does. i agree with some things that u wrote like wanting kataala.. but mentioning things like that brooklyn isnt a city, its actually the first surburb she ever lived in here in pretoria.. so she got the name ther etc

  • paulbeartil

    hi heres there link

  • Roger

    whats with these pioneer bus guys and not refunding our bibiri balances?

  • arthur ‘d e puzzle

    you guys are partially insane.otherwise nice stuff for a good laugh!

  • kuk

    yo crazy

  • oscar zziwa

    guys ur the best @makin me laugh

  • arthu ‘tha puzzle

    great website…..just been reading some of ya’ articles…crazy!

  • assasin

    this is like the craziest site that has kul staff

  • Kollin

    Don’t know how you come up with this but its hilarious…Its a joke and thats what makes it all the more fun to read on a blue saturday


  • Namanya Hope

    This site is definitely the isssshhh. you people are awesomely funny.

  • Gerald Ainomugisha

    If you guys continue being this funny, I’ll personally sue you for attempted murder by excessive laughter

  • tumukunde colombo

    i just loggged on to the main site today for the first time and i have been (lets not be soooo discrete) laughing my freaking arse offf…its like you guys only sleep just so you can dream of ways to make us laugh until we fart even in the presence of a hott lil tottie…

  • dianaloves u.

    am hooked but how do i get the ballad of bosco?

    • http://bazanye.com Ernest Bazanye

      Hi Diana. It’s me, Baz. Now the site was down for a while, but it’s fixed. You can find it here: http://bazanye.com/?p=591 . Hope you enjoy it

  • dianalovesu

    thx baz



  • baksi

    guys are bloody

  • Kollo

    It always pays to read this blog


  • rita

    yo totally hillarious

  • shabirah

    eeehhh maama nyabo

  • portia

    thats hot of u jadge ian mbugua

  • ray

    mbu lol

  • Herman

    U guys shd update us on the rumours that our most beloved rockstar RK has enrolled for American Idol

  • colombo

    i hear sera was actually cocooning in to a lovely musician. please advice

  • tha’ puzzle

    keep up the kool work.much regards to your team.

  • audrey saif al islam

    Banange You people…should talk about Bizzu…and her recent photo with Julia Morley…
    Dat gal has it!!!

  • audrey saif al islam

    Oh! Yeah!! and about models…and how we have slender legs…slender hips…and our cool…calm demeanor…!!! lol !!!

  • Ali

    This is what we mean when we say TWAKOOWA! naye bambi sisqo. i hope he at least went gorilla tracking…

  • audrey saif al islam


  • audrey saif al islam

    Poor Sisqo…his generation out grew him..

  • david kimo

    Photosynthesis means the process how green plants make their own starch or food

  • audrey saif al islam

    It’s no longer for Laughter…!!! YOu guys are bringing us to Tears!!! The Goat!!!

  • jason

    satire at its best..you make my days

  • arthur’tha’puzzle

    i nid autographs dudez.am a fan!naye r u normal upstairz /as in 4 real or is it for shizzle….big ups!

  • arthur’tha’puzzle

    kiptorich sh’d watch out!iam bringing the nxt snakes n ladders goldmedal at the next olympics!come rain come ebola!

  • Name

    Come Ebola..Sure..lol!!!

  • arthur tha’ puzzle

    warruuuup?nice work there.just been checkin out d site..

  • Name


  • the puzzle

    hi guys…ghood job!haaalllaaaa!

  • pricess

    hi guy

  • Ahebwa

    bwebityo!!!!…… tinkurora ahabwaki abantu bakwestibireho? waache waseme mwisho thay will seep.

  • Ahebwa

    iam waiting

  • tha puzzle

    big ups on ulk…again n again…crayziiieeee

  • tha puzzle

    i hear ulk why nat urban legend potholes

  • arthur d puzzle

    merry xmas guys…..where’s d proggie?

  • the puzzle

    hi guys…just saying hello…seasons greeting 2 ya’ll

  • campus ninjas

    one thing you forgot to add about sisqo, he discovered he wasnt the only thing that survived the xcreation called good music.

  • the puzzle

    hi fellaz…big upz on d works

  • assey

    I wonder how this would be if it was acted…LMFAO !!!!!

  • Ginny

    X’D This is silly.

  • djabogopod

    Заказ доставлен через месяц:-) 307!!! Всем советую! Эфект чудный:-) Респект администрации djarus.ru! Сайт 100% пусть и долго едет посылка, но оно того стоит! Всем свои советую только этот сайт!

  • yakobo

    it’s more of shame to tab it,just crystals in the air

  • kitacheri

    Sleek is my favorite legend. I love him

  • Angelou ngdv


  • balilonda
  • balilonda



    but am not understanding

  • kitacheri

    you ninjas are just too smart.. may you should consider a video blog too :)

  • Roberta

    haha Ernest’s sarcasm is just…..sexy!love IT!u guys r good!

  • Bwo

    he knows things…

  • ivan mwandiike

    Being spanked?.Yeah,like you said it only belongs in porn movies in real life in our ugandan setting,you do that to a girl at your own peril.

  • james akora

    #Uganda. This is life in Uganda context

  • Shan

    Lol…. that’s for being Ugandan!

  • lindah

    so real

  • dembe

    golola needs skills

    golola is not too taiktive

  • Fredericks

    Genuinely when someone doesn’t be aware of afterward its up to other people that they will assist, so here it happens.

  • Apenyo

    Hey ULK. Pressure! Make us laugh in 2014. You were too quiet last year.

  • junior

    young talented

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    Unknown message

  • tha puzzle

    hi guyz…good stuff…big ups


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