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Our president has gone viral; the iconic photo of him by the roadside should by now be framed in the Uganda museum for the benefit of generation as they discuss the history of Uganda and behavior of its presidents. We at ULK convened a crisis meeting to discuss this momentous occasion and fabricate reasons as to why the president decided to have a phone call by the roadside. Seven reasons (wink wink) were identified by our brilliant staff and are detailed below.

Reminiscing the bush war days.

We all want to remember our glorious past escapades and we can all agree, the president had a very adventurous past. He must have been passing through Isingiro when suddenly a bout of nostalgia hit him hard, those days of sitting and sleeping under the stars. But of course our president can’t sit on the ground anymore (those days he was a rebel, sorry, revolutionary but now he is a general) so he had to get a chair. And he could not just sit there and do nothing (that’s for crazy people and presidential advisers) so he got a phone and called some of his remaining bush war comrades to chat about the bush days.

Ordering a rola

Unreliable information reaching us is that the president indeed likes eating rolexes. Recently however, he realized that Sula, his rolex guy, had not been putting enough tomatoes and onions in his rolex. He therefore had to sit by the roadside and call Sula to make a complaint about his rolex making skills and threaten to leave him if he did not change his ways. After Sula promised to add more tomatoes and onions, the president them made an order and instructed Sula to deliver the rolex to state house for his supper.

MTN Zone was 100%

Do you know what is rarer than Ziza Bafana singing things that make sense? It is MTN zone being at 100% during the day. As the president approached this particular spot, he realized that MTN zone was 100% so he had to sit and witness this miracle. Also, he tried moving to another spot but zone just kept going back to 30% so had to sit in that spot and utilize the opportunity.

Talking to Lyanna Mormont

If you do not know who Lyanna Mormont is, congratulations are in order for having arrived safely on earth from whichever planet you have been on. The next step as you get used to earth is to go to Zai plaza and get a pirated copy of Game of Thrones, season 6 from Papa`s video shop. Then you will know why the president had to sit down on the roadside as he talked to the ruler of Bear Island in Westeros.

Chatting on WhatsApp

There are those times when group whatsapps are on fire, everyone is chatting and jokes are flying around or two people are going at each other in a group and the insults are flying faster than you can say, awkward. This was clearly one of those times and the president being distracted by the sound of speeding vehicles decided to have a sit and properly participate in the WhatsApp chats.

Just Chirrin

Dude runs an entire country, he must get tired also. He just wanted a few minutes to rest his soul and mind and what better way to do it than sit by the roadside and breathe the clean countryside air as you answer a few phone calls.

Stealing Besigye`s thunder.

Mbu, after realizing that Besigye had been set free on bail from jail, the president took a page out of the how to steal other people`s thunder playbook…if you want people to ignore your rival`s being released from jail, take a photo seated by the roadside in a bush and making a phone call. That will get people talking about you more.









Minister for blocking out social media.

Since blocking social media channels is now a thing, we also need a minister to preside over this important matter. We don’t want to buy our weekly bundles and then, just like that, you hear social media blocked. We work hard for the money to buy MBs so they can’t just go to waste like that. Also, the minister should sensitize the nation about VPNs. What are these things? Where do we find them? Why do the people who use them think they are geniuses? Will you be charged with treason if found in possession of one? These are critical questions requiring a knowledgeable response from a minister.

Ministry of Traffic Jam.

It’s about time we realize traffic jams as a crucial constituency within this country. Everyone has been in that traffic jam where they say ayayayaya…kika!!. The kind where the taxi driver gets out of the taxi and goes to eat some katogo at a kafunda while the conductor yawns in the taxi. The ideal minister should be a taxi driver and a conductor to be a minister of state. They could introduce popular measures to reduce the stress and burden of traffic jams. For example, how about hiring Sheebah to sing during the jams, she can roll around on the cars while singing nkwaatako and then it rains, so she gets soaked  and you can see….wait, where was I?  Yes, entertainment during traffic jams.

Minister for youth unemployment.

This thing of youth unemployment is everywhere yet it is not represented at the highest levels of government. We need a minister to develop policy and strategy for the unemployed youth to engage in unemployment activities. What are unemployment activities, you ask? Ask Al Hajji Nadduli, I feel he would have the right answer for you.

Ministry for Besigye detention and prosecution.

This is surely overdue, the resources and effort required to keep Besigye in check should be consolidated and a ministry created for efficiency. It is a critical effort and therefore should be given the effort it deserves. These ministerial duties should include but not limited to the following, checking when Besigye wakes up, checking whether he brushes his teeth in the morning, finding out whether he prefers tea or porridge for the breakfast, how does he maintain that long distance relationship with Winnie? critically examining how many times he goes to the toilet (if it is more than five times, that would be weird). A report of these and other activities must be compiled and examined daily.

Presidential adviser on Stella Nyanzi affairs.

You never know what Stella Nyanzi is going to do or post on her Facebook page so it is imperative that the president is kept aware of Stella`s affairs. One day it could cause a rebellion in this country and the president wouldn’t even know.

Minister for Ludo Affairs. 

You know, just for just.











Recently CNN did a piece on the number one economic activity for the Basoga as well as the staple food for campusers, bachelors, bachelorettes, corporates, born-again, musicians, Eddy Kenzo (he sings or he thinks he does but I refuse to call him a musician), broke people, anyway all Ugandans because we might sleep here. Then lo and behold we got a rolex that was priced more than chips and chicken. We had to search out this rare specimen and ask it why a sane Ugandan would forego ten rolexes (fifteen, if you are a good bargainer) for the price of one.

Me: Tell us, ridiculously priced rolex (RPR), are the eggs used in your making golden or is the flour sprinkled with diamonds?

RPR: That goose that laid the golden eggs was killed and don’t be silly, you don’t eat diamonds, you wear them.

Me: So then, the chef that made you must have been the original musoga, he then went to rolex school where he graduated with a first class degree in chopping tomatoes, onions and green pepper. For his masters, he learnt the delicate art of mixing all those ingredients in a cup and indeed he graduated summa cum laude from whence he pursued a PHD in….

RPR: DUDE!!! slow your roll. Chef guy was called Ruhweza and his relation to a musoga is that they all emerged from the Bantu ethnic group. Also, he was expelled from primary school for peeping at the Headmaster`s wife when she was bathing during evening prep.

Me: Which means that the knife used in your making was forged in the depths of Mount Doom. The sigiri from which you were fried was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci and thereafter handcrafted by Michelangelo. It was then carefully preserved over the centuries and eventually handed over to your chef who then brought you to delicious life.

RPR: Mount Doom doesn’t exist, and for you to mention the word sigiri in the same sentence as Da Vinci and Michelangelo is outrageous blasphemy. You should be prosecuted for treason in the Ugandan courts of law.

Me: Does that mean therefore that the fire with which you were fried descended from the heavens?

RPR: No, the fire was generated by a matchbox, made by Mukwano industries Uganda limited.

Me: The oil used must have been for the purpose of anointing but was then borrowed to aid in your making.

RPR: No, we used BIDCO cooking oil.

Me: So what makes you worth 15k?

RPR: We are moving to a middle income country and my price must also reflect this steady progress.

Henry-Kajura (1)








Rebecca Kadaga (aka Becky with the wig hair) caused outrage in the country by going to “thank” her ancestors in Busoga for winning the speakership. She says she was just promoting tourism but that excuse is not just lame, it requires life support to even be considered an excuse. I however think that the speaker should be given a break, after all, no one is out there stoning Maama Fiina and she makes her living giving “ancestral blessings” which is a highly profitable business by the look of things. In order to convince Ugandans that their speaker is not a witch doctor, I have obtained a transcript of the conversation between her and the ancestors which should clear the air.

Ancestor 1: Becky, thanks for coming to appreciate our efforts. There are those people who never come back after getting what they want or they sneak in here in the night and wake us up when we are dreaming. I hate those people.

Ancestor 2: Speaking of people who never come back, have any of our branches received a one Bukenya Gilbert? Former mahogany now burnt charcoal.

Intern ancestor checks on visitor logs and finds no record of a visit by Bukenya.

Ancestor 2: Let’s keep that fellow confused until he learns some manners. Intern, go reduce his reasoning capacity further.

Intern: But it is at zero, no one takes him seriously anymore.

Ancestor 2: okay, we shall convene a meeting to discuss the next steps. Sorry Becky, we are not paying enough attention. Intern, go prepare some lemon juice for our girl.

Ancestor 1: Eh, but Becky those ancestors of Omoro were not easy, they had refused to accept defeat. Can you believe they even awakened Gipir and Nyabongo and we all know those two never really got along.

Ancestor 2: If it wasn’t for the intervention of Kintu, stuff had jam. That ka-Gipir guy came waving his spear and we had all scattered. But Kintu came in and put him in his proper place, told him to stop being too greedy or he would face the music. He was like mbu trying to refuse again and Kintu just pulled out a 600 mm caliber RPG-7V2, reloadable launcher.

Ancestor 1: We all know you cannot bring a spear to an RPG fight. Hahaha, you should have seen the look on Gipir`s face.

Intern: It was like some expendables shit!!

Ancestor 2: So you are watching movies instead of the work we give you. Be careful, I will not give you a recommendation letter when your internship ends.

Intern: There isn’t any work anymore. Everyone prays to Jesus nowadays and they get what they want. You don’t even have to pay anything. Your business model is very obsolete.

Ancestor 2: What do you know? You just died a few years ago, for us we have been dead for centuries and know much more than you do.

Ancestor 1: You guys, where has Becky gone? Don’t tell she has already left!!

Ancestor 2: Kale, I wanted to talk to her about Besigye. He looks like he could use our services.

Intern: Me, I want to get saved.

Ancestor  2: GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE!!!












Following Leicester`s (no, not lechesta, its les-tar) unimaginable football triumph, other dreamers have also got “gas” to believe that their dreams will become true. We traversed the streets of Kampala to find these dreamers and which dreams they believe are about to come true. We got two dreamers who were willing to share with us there fantasies, sorry,  I mean dreams.


The crooner anticipates that he will be walking done the aisle with Flavia Tumusiime anytime soon. Following his relentless but so far unfruitful pursuit of the radio and t.v goddess that is Flavia, Bagonza now believes that this dream about  to turn to reality.  We caught up with him as he was haggling over prices for mass mobile messages inviting all well-wishers for wedding meetings.

ULK: Bagonza, eh, you are already planning for wedding meetings?

A-Pass: Yes, the moment Leicester won the premier league I knew I had to get a move on. You know I had been praying for a sign to show that I am not chasing a unicorn, (although she is rare like that, right?) Anyway what better sign could be there than a Leicester city win?

ULK: But has she said yes?

A-pass: She will, I have faith just like the guys who bet on Leicester City winning the title.

ULK: You could have faith that you will win a Grammy award, doesn’t mean it will happen?

A-pass: I will not invite you to the wedding if you say such negative things.

ULK: You mean the imaginary wedding?

A-Pass: Yes, even that one.

ULK: Dude, I sure hope not. I don’t want to be in any of your dreams!!!

A-Pass: My dreams are focused on Flavia. You know there was this one dream where she was in a t-shirt and it was raining so you could see the outlines of her…

ULK:  hey hey hey, cool it. My boss doesn’t allow me to write what I think you are about to say. looks like your dreams are already coming true anyway even if it is just in your head. I am just wasting my time here.



Arsenal fans

If there is a group of individuals who have attained the patience of the biblical Job, it is Arsenal fans. The last time Arsenal won the premier league, Obama had not been elected U.S president, the I phone hadn’t been invented and President Museveni had said he was ruling for his last term. Instead of weeping at the sight of Leicester city winning the trophy, some Arsenal fans indeed, now believe the premier league will be theirs soon.

ULK: There are dreams and then, there are delusions. As an Arsenal fan, aren’t you suffering from delusions masquerading as dreams?

Arsenal fan: Everyone thought that Leicester city was deluded when they appointed Claudio Ranieri as coach but look at what he has achieved. Or look at the Boston Red Sox, it took them 86 years between trophies but it still came.

ULK: In 86 years, you will be so dead that there will be a shopping mall over your grave.

Arsenal fan: I may be dead physically but I have children who will continue the cause of supporting Arsenal and their joy will be my joy wherever or whatever I shall be.

ULK: How sure are you that your children will support Arsenal?

Arsenal fan: If I give birth to kids who do not support Arsenal, either my wife cheated on me or my wife  cheated on me.

ULK: That is some illogical reasoning. You kids may just not want to be losers

Arsenal fan: I am an Arsenal fan, not thinking clearly is part of the deal.












Kale Kayihura finally allowed Besigye to breath, sort of. He had been suffocating in the vast expanse of his kasangati home watching Wonder Woman battle Doomsday while Batman played hide and seek (seriously dude, man up…Batman, not Besigye). Besigye, however is now free to roam the country except in Kampala or any  town center for that matter or be anywhere where two or more people could gather to hear him speak or head to prayers…the exceptions list is still developing. Here at ULK we have landed on a list of defiance activities that show the police are in fact right in trying to stop Besigye from, you know, being.

Buying Gonja.

Exclusive information reaching our news desk indicates that Besigye will seek to cause severe Gonja shortage in Kasangati and the country at large. Having been kept indoors without access to gonja has unleashed his monster appetite which he will seek to satisfy by invading all the known gonja selling places. Besigye moles have already been placed in critical gonja selling areas like Namawojjolo and have been seen buying ridiculously huge amounts of this delicacy (you know yourselves). There is however a sinister motive behind this move as a gonja shortage is likely to cause kampala residents to rise up in defiance because, let’s face it, there are only two kinds people in this world, those who like gonja and monsters.

Endangered species

Endangered species

Watch Captain America Civil War.

On May 1, Besigye will not be found in Kasangati. He will be heading to a cinema to see the defiant Captain dish it out with the authority (Iron Man). If you are wondering who Besigye will be supporting in this showdown, welcome to planet earth from whichever galaxy you had been marooned on. Classified intelligence indicates that the colonel will seek to identify guerilla tactics employed by the captain as well as also ogle Scarlet Johansson. It will be imperative for police to stop such a venture because, one, definitely the government doesn’t want him to learn tactics from guy who beat the Nazis by basically swinging a metal plate around and secondly, with his eyes, there will be nothing left for the rest of us to ogle when Besigye is done.

Eh!!, this guy is not for jokes.

Eh!!, dude means business

Change weather pattern to winter.

Have you noticed how all of a sudden it`s raining after the 40 day siege ended? If you haven’t, we have not noticed on your behalf. Data gathered from various fictitious weather stations and maama fiina indicates that rain had been on a defiance campaign until Kifefe`s release. To demonstrate further these previously unknown powers, Besigye will bring winter to these shores. Although the date for this act could not be readily established, it is predicted that this will happen around the same time pigs will start flying as well. So if you are crushing pork ribs and one of them flies out of your mouth, winter is coming.

Our investigation shows these activities could cause severe paralysis and be a catastrophe to this nation therefore a robust police response will be required if such activities are to be stopped.


The Bible says we were all created in God`s image however God would smite you with a vengeance if you spewed out such nonsense when it comes to the case of Donald Trump. If God  created the world in 6 days and rested, then Trump`s god is still running around trying to rein in his only creation and go back to the drawing board  or just retire and chill things of creating stuff. Trump could be one harrowing experience he may never or indeed anyone could ever recover from.

Here below is the stuff that makes Trump; Trump.


Hahahahhahahaha, I haven’t laughed that hard since Ragga Dee declared that he was running for mayor of Kampala. What intelligence? Trump`s relationship with intelligence is tenuous at best and non-existent most of the times. Whereas exhaustive and conclusive research has not yet been concluded on the matter, there is a prevailing theory that Trump has no brains, just a grayish concoction akin to porridge. We can therefore conclude that Trump and intelligence can’t be mentioned in the same sentence unless you want to unleash world war 3.


There is an existential battle being waged on top of Mr. Trump’s head, it involves a comb, a tonne of hair products and his hair (or what is left of it). This is how the battle unfolds, the comb is deployed to attack the wisps of hair on Mr. Trump`s head, the hair vigorously defends its territory but is eventually decimated by Mr. Trump`s legendary skill in combing hair (perhaps his greatest skill)  however, the hair calls in the heavy artillery, i.e. the hair products. The principal offensive tactic of the hair products is to replenish the strands that still languish on the head however this mission encounters strong resistance as Mr. Trump’s head is like the Sahara desert, the only thing that grows there are terrorists.

Bravado, ego.

Donald Trump told the Mexicans that he will build a wall to stop them coming to America and not only that, the Mexicans will, apparently pay for the wall. That is first class kamanyiiro, it`s like a dude who elopes with your wife and then comes back for your daughter too. His bravado is so large that he decided to run for U.S president by basically insulting everything under the sun apart from his mother, presumably. The dude must have attended the Tamale Mirundi Institute of insults and uttering nonsense where he was expelled for showing prodigious skill.

Hate figure.

The last time the world was this united when hating on something, it was King Joffrey or Johnny Depp in the Lone Ranger (but that may be just me and a couple of Native Americans) Unfortunately we have no Tyrion Lannister to slap some sense into that gigantic head of his but hopefully the Americans can come to their senses although as a wise man once said, no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public. Which is why Trump is running for president and one of the highest rated reality T.V shows in the U.S is called duck dynasty. Be glad you are Ugandan.


The great social media blackout of February 2016 had a devastating impact on Uganda`s chattering and selfie taking masses. We sent out our investigative journalists to all the corners of this nation to investigate this impact and they sent back these hard hitting reports from distraught house wives and unemployed WhatsApp administrators.

ULK: Random celebrity chic who spends her time posting Instagram selfies with endless hashtags and Facebook posts choking on grammatical errors, please tell us how these past days without Instagram and Facebook were for you.

Random celebrity chic: eh eh eh!!! Doz werrr such dark deyz 4 me, I don`t wanna think `bout it. I even made appointment with a doctor 2 help me cope wiz the distress dat I saw in those days. The inability to see ma fans telling me hw haaat I am wz nt pleasant; it left me lost n alone. Is dat hw ugly chics be feeling all da time? Eh, banange, it was so scarrry. But check out ma new selfies dat I hav just post on ma Instagram 2de. #haterzgonnahate. #barkinbusiness. #owsome

ULK: Reporting from Naalya, I have with me here a WhatsApp administrator who was rendered unemployed by the blockage. Below are his views on the matter.

WhatsApp administrator: First of all, I would like to say how intoxicating it is to be an admin. All that power to just remove anyone if I so wished with just a touch of the finger was thrilling. I remember my primary school teacher, Mr. Lukyamuzi telling me I would never amount to anything consequential in life but here I am, an administrator of not one, not two but three groups. Take that Mr.Lukyamuzi. Anyway, about the blockage, it hit me quite hard, people were no longer as nice to me but I knew the moment would come when the blockage would be no more. Those people will see.

ULK: Here in kawempe, we found a housewife who was willing to share with us her ordeal.

Housewife: gwe, those days I even learnt where the kitchen was, it was such a harrowing affair. Omanyi, the house girl is the one who does everything while I do pedicures, my hair and share gossip on my numerous WhatsApp groups. But munange, I was so bored that I even became hungry so I decided to go and cook something. I looked for the kitchen and couldn’t find it until the house girl showed it to me, wabula, it had been long. I would like to thank President Museveni for putting WhatsApp back, abeewo.

ULK: We also bumped into a side dish who had this to say.

Side dish: I was unable to fulfil my side dish activities which include among other things: occasionally trading insults with the main dish, whatsapping men at ungodly hours, sending some nude pictures etc. It’s a hard job being a side dish, you have to continually be relevant otherwise you may end up being a side dish to the side dish of the main dish which is why I didn’t welcome mr.mutabazi`s intervention. It was not good for business at all; I was unable to send someone else`s husband compromising pictures of myself and this is one of the critical functions of my role. I also missed getting my daily MBs

ULK: It was imperative that we get a comment from the most vocal and politically astute constituents of this nation about the social media blockage, the boda bodas.

Boda boda man: The Americans switched off social media. The Americans have a switch for everything; Facebook, internet, television, electricity even rain, that is why there is no drought there. Never joke with Americans, they are very powerful, they can even hear what we are saying now. There were American planes flying over Uganda and when those planes are flying over a country, everything is switched off. UCC just pretended that they had blocked the social media.

ULK: Campus I.T student.

Campus I.T student: Dude, VPN.

Upcoming Releases That Probably Won’t

You're right. It might not fit....

You’re right. It might not fit….

Following the uproar wrought by the 50 Shades of Grey movie (and the uprooting of carrots and cucumbers), the logical thing to do is manage our expectations. No reason we should get turned on knowing full well we may not even share a drink from the same cup. That said, we thought we would ask the government’s censorship committee to identify some movies we might have to turn our FOMO dial down for.

Cinderella – Cate Blanchett, Lily James

Conductor, first chill, I have no dime for fuel…

On the surface, it’s a simple tale of a young lady’s pursuit for a happy ending and her suspect choice of footwear. Look again and beneath the saccharine exterior a more sinister propaganda comes to play. It’s a story of a young lady who throws herself at a rich man and then seduces him by leaving items of her clothing behind. On top of that, she relies on witchcraft provided by a stranger only identified as Fairy God Mother…or FGM. Is it a coincidence that the same initials stand for Female Genital Mutilation? I think not. We do not want our young ladies’ morals compromised, so this is a no-go.

Get Hard – Will Ferrel, Kevin Hart

Black guy 'kwe-tying" tuts..

Black guy ‘kwe-tying” tuts..

The adverts that we’ve seen so far suggest that the story is about a white man who needs to toughen up for the life waiting for him in prison. Of course that would be just fine, but look again. The poster for the movie features a young black man braiding a white man’s hair. Initially we were going to ban it on the basis that it messes up people’s self-esteem by suggesting that we are still under the thumb of the white devil, but we took a closer look and with the help of a pastor put two and two together. It’s clearly a movie about inter-racial homosexuality. The name is very telling, but it’s the fact that the white man is being tied bi-tu-twa that put the final nail in the coffin.

Furious 7 – Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson and their friends

See, America is not racist

The cast of America: Not racist at all

This movie is wrong on very many levels. After we’ve fought to defend our nation’s leader for the better part of two decades, this movie comes and suggests in its title that he is angry. You can tell they tried to veil their intentions by dropping the M, but we saw right through this deceit. In one trailer you can see a black guy, possibly Ugandan going by his name, Tarsis Gibson, being teased mercilessly by his friends for praying. As if that’s not bad enough, they opted to use flashy cars. If the movie producers really had any goodwill for our government, then the characters would all be driving big yellow buses.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron – Too many people

More kavuyo than the taxi park

More kavuyo than the taxi park

In what is clearly an opposition move, this one is about how a group of people gang up with plans to overthrow the one person who has the best intentions of the people. He even declares how he is not corrupt by telling them that he has no strings on him… directly translated, he has no ties to people’s money. And how do they repay him, buy bringing in foreign aid and attempting to overthrow him. We won’t air this one because it promotes dissidence. Age of Ultron? More like Age of Ulterior! There’s also kaboozi of someone creating Vision. How is that possible? Vision is not created. You either have it or you don’t, and as you are all aware by now, only one person has the vision here.

Jurassic World- Chris Pratt and some other people



This movie is not necessarily bad, however it undermines the history we have been pushing in schools. All the adults reading this know about Gipir and Labongo, Kintu and his bae-Nambi, introducing dinosaurs in to that mix will just confuse the public. In this case we weighed our options and it didn’t make sense to have a bunch of adults feeling like their whole lives have been based on lies. This is why we won’t be showing this one either.

Ant Man – Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas

Prepping to drop that Luga-Flow jam

Prepping to drop that Luga-Flow jam

In this movie, the little guy saves the day. That’s how wars begin. Look at Libya’s Arab Spring. It started when an absolute nobody sent RIA (Rise in Arms) instead of LOL and then before you knew it, more and more people joined the uprising. We have our hands full with striking lecturers and students at Makerere, we don’t have time for people who have been inspired by movies. This will not air and you will thank us when you realise we have also spared you the tear gas and embarrassing strawberry yoghurt.


Mission Impossible V – Tom Cruise, Stunts


Dereva, wali ku stage…

We honestly had no problem with this particular film, however we received a call from the same pastor who had received a vision of the outcome of the 2016 elections. He said that he had met with the balokole group and the consensus was that having a movie with the word Impossible in the title would go against their preaching that “nothing is Impossible”. To go against them and let this movie show in the cinema would be to lead the flock astray and we cannot condone such things. This movie has therefore been terminated.

The Fantastic Four

Electricity is going you guys, have you charged?

Electricity is going you guys, have you charged?

The title of this movie sounds suspiciously like a coalition of opposition members. Is it Mao, Besigye, Ssebagala and that Denzel guy from Big Brother? We like that Denzel guy from Big Brother, but if he has decided to team up with these people we will not stand for this. This movie is under investigation for what exactly it stands for. Is it a friend or is it a foe. The title says four, which sounds a lot like foe, so we may have no choice but to refuse this one also.

Chew on that for a while..


Museveni Pauses Game Of Thrones, Reshuffles Cabinet.

It’s not complicated. Someone messed with President Museveni’s iPad and now his iTunes shuffle feature won’t work. Something had to be shuffled. And so he shuffled.



Hi. My name is Eric, and this is the Uganda Cabinet Reshuffle 2015.

Museveni kept his position as president. A very lucky man indeed. So did H.E Bobi Wine, beloved president of the Internal Republic of Kamwokya.

The Vice President is still, as expected, unknown. Unfortunately, the Editor didn’t care much to ask us to Google him. “I don’t think he’s known there either,” he said as he walked out for his nose-picking break.

And since the boss is out, who cares about these lists? Unless you have a relative in there or you just want to check whose bank account the next public funds will be sent to. Does anyone have the new episode of Empire? I’ve only watched like…oh, he’s back.

Father Lokodo is still State Minister For Sex. He was set to be moved to Internal Affairs before they realised ‘Internal’ means ‘in the country’, not ‘in the bedroom’.

Unfortunately, Maria Kiwanuka, founder and chairman of the phrase ‘Madam Supiika Sir’, is no longer Minister of Finance. The few who stayed awake during budget readings are now cursed into eternal slumber. During her tenure, Miss Kiwanuka saw a great many improvements especially in the way wigs are worn and the way the budget briefcase is carried like Denzel Washington walking away from an explosion. She is now in the more dormant role of Senior Presidential Adviser for Finance.

Remember Jim Muhwezi? Who was found mismanaging Global Fund money back in 2006? He’s back as Information Minister. Hashtag Schwarzenegger. His main role as Information Minister is to inform you that he didn’t eat the money and even if he did, and you do what?

Hajji Nasser English Ssebaggala maintains his position as Portfolio Without Minister and for that, he gets a lollipop.

Rape Minister Ronald Kibuule was transferred to the Ministry of Water. They say dehydration has an adverse impact on mental function.

A few other notable people were also maintained in their current positions. Janet Museveni is still a rich wife, Desire Luzinda is still a sex tape, Ragga Dee is still not wanted on radio and Erias Lukwago is still as if somehow maybe Lord Mayor. A bit.

That’s it for today. The rest you’ll know about in corruption scandals.