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It’s 2012 and a beautiful but deadly KCCA vampire rises to defend a chaotic city that is entrenched in a war between good and evil. With opposition bitching at every turn, Jennifer Musisi must fight against corrupt cops, dirty politicians and the infamous villainous sausage of Luzira, George Agaba. To make things right, she’s going to have to face, the underworld.


Critics’ Reviews

Wabula, this movie had me on the edge of my chair. Nanti I couldn’t hear what she was saying so I had to lean close – Augustus Tofaayo, Citizens On Edge

Leave our Executive Director alone. You will pay dearly for this – Patrice Smith, Al Shya Boob
That woman is going to have my babies, you wait – Name Withheld



Legendary gratitude to  all our awesome fans for making us look good in front of the chics. Rock on!

Special thanks to the House Of DJs, Boda Boda, SMS Media and Radio City for raining dollars on the party.

Extra thanks to the following Legendary individuals:

  • Luise and Dan of Cineplex and Boda Boda
  • Em and Melanie Kaita of Sanyu FM
  • Steven Tendo of Monitor Publications
  • Ivan Barigye of IN-ovators
  • Amos Kiyingi
  • Roland Niwagaba
  • Jona Kagimba
  • Solomon King
  • The Mith
  • Enygma
  • Susan Nava
  • Mariah Nerima
  • Tony Tumusiime
  • Marcello

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Movies In Seconds: The Lion King

The Lion King is a Disney cartoon about the political struggles in African nations. It stars popular African actors in various roles. The cast includes: Isaac Kuddzu as Sober, Hellen Lukoma as Patra, Diana Kahunde… wait. I may have got my notes mixed up. Oh. Yes. There are NO Africans in the cast of Lion King.




One of the best things about this much-loved and highly-regarded film is its realism, the way the delicate balance of nature is portrayed, the relationships between the diverse elements of the ecosystem.

The Lion King is praised as a movie before its time; it was uncanny the way it predicted political events that were yet to happen in Africa

Leading Ugandan politicians had cameo appearances…


So, watch the movie, learn how to be a demonstrator, and we will see you when we Occupy Boda Boda on the 4th.




ULK Products: Are You Lonely?

For those times when you are feeling down in the dumps. For when you feel like you need some attention, but no one will give it to you…when you absolutely must get some, what you need is a…

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The First Cut

We realise this is a bit abrupt, but after constantly being berated for having only new movies with foreign influences, we had to show that we also watch local…and not just normal local, but old local.


He is the baddest, meanest, singing mammal that kills its prey just by singing. When that doesn’t work, he just stabs you. He even made a movie just so you know he’s not lying.

Its production took quite a long time but the movie finally drops. ULK premiers a local classic…

Movies in Seconds.

Movie is Seconds is about pictures, mostly of Americans who have been bitten by spiders, or visited by alien robots or who have smoked a lot of marijuana in the cases of James Franco and Seth Rogen or who have sexual relations or who have been converted by use of computers such as this one into talking animals.














There is no scientifically conclusive proof that animals do not speak in English when there are no human beings, however, it is generally believed that it is unlikely. This is due to certian factors, such as the facts that they do not have vocal chords and tongues shaped like those of humans, which would make it difficult indeed for them to pronounce human sounds. And also because, have you ever seen an animal? They are all stupid. Never to learn how to talk. Too dense.
















Well, when we go to Mukono you might find some contradictions to this theory. In Mukono there are ghekhos that say “kumanyoko”.
























In short, it’s Friday. Have a good weekend people.





They took over from production company UEB and brought you worldwide blockbusters like Load Shedding. And now they are back with the much-anticipated, hard-hitting, big budget sequel: Darkness…



Help Wanted

Every establishment owes it to its community to do something positive. We believe no one should be left unemployed, so here’s our Public Service Announcement


Movie of The Month | De Fes Off

They said he wasn’t worth a damn…they were probably right. It didn’t stop him. He pushed on…persevered. He has been to hell and back. He went to The States and was returned and now, on home soil no less, he faces his greatest challenge…

Urban Legend presents….



Movie Of The Month; Sneaky Pick

There are scoops and then there’s this. Urban Legend Kampala has just landed on the first one sheet of a movie touted as ” different”. The story details are being kept under wraps, but every indication suggests that the director was NOT influenced by the Walk-To-Work thing that had a politician eat rubber.

The story revolves around… actually, no, it doesn’t revolve at all, it “involves” Beyonce, a housefly that has been brought up thinking she is a human being. She eats with the family and goes to bed with them. It’s all a girl nearing the end of her 20 something days could ask for.

The eve of the Uganda Walk-To-Work protest begins normally for her. Despite her parents’ protests, she wants to make a difference and she intends to walk to work in a show of solidarity with those that are peeved about the rising commodity prices. Even if this shit doesn’t affect her, she wants to do something.

Then something extraordinary happens… her feet refuse to touch the ground…

*No reviews could be published because this movie is still in production