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Mid-Week Music Madness – The Boy Is Mine

A lot has been said in the media . . . and on facebook… and in bars regarding Sharon O and Zari. Some say there is no bleach that can give any human being the kind of even complexion that Zari has. There are others who suggest that the O in Sharon O’s name stands for Oh Em Gee. However, tongues are wagging claiming that the two are not seeing eye to eye, but answer us this, if they were beefing, would they do a collabo?

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 1.53.24 AM

 R E V I E W S:

Man, the first time I heard this track, as in, it was as if 2 angels had fallen from heaven and were screaming to be let back in, you get? ~ A Campuser

This is music to my ears ~ Some chap at the Sanyu FM reception

I thought I was downloading Man of Steel ~ Wi-Fi encroacher

movie reel

Movie Of The Month | The Letter

In a dystopian future in a city filled with writing pads, one man dares to put paper to pen setting in motion a chain of events that will alter a nation…FOREVER.

Power of Words

A retired colonel must resort to using all his wits if he is to survive. With betrayal and intrigue and other cool sounding things surrounding his best intentions at every corner, he must scribble carefully. The stakes are high and everyone is just dying to have the last word.


I can not unsee this movie. It’s captivating, will definitely bring the house down – The Monitor

There was no thigh. Where are the thighs? – The Red Pepper

Plays like an ad for our products – Picfare

I didn’t get it. Does this mean I can no longer send Nalweyiso love notes? – De Scholar


movie reel

Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Rise Of The Miniskirt

Kill The Bill


The nation wakes up to terrifying news. Miniskirts have been banned and sexiness has become an endangered species. The only thing on everyone’s mind is to have revenge on the team that drafted the Miniskirt Bill – a team they once trusted.

Critics’ reviews:

New Vision

“Outstanding! Simon Lokodo outdid himself in this one.”

Daily Monitor

“We disagree with New Vision. Just for just.”



The Observer

“High ratings. Very observable!”

Red Pepper

“Eh! Those legs!”

Viewer reviews:

A shoe

“Had a beautiful view.”

A skirt

“Gripping stuff!”

Renegade: The Adventures Of Mike Mukula

He was a minister, and good at his job. But then he committed the ultimate crime and money vanished. Framed for corruption, now he prowls the badlands looking for the money so he can clear his name. An outlaw, a bounty hunter – a RENEGADE!

Mikey Mookey


Vision Blitz – “Good! Very good!”

Monitor Sqoop – “Bad! Too bad!”

Red Pepper – “Makes you horny.”

Bukedde – “HO!”


Photo submitted by the legendary Ayago Rakara.

Outspire Yourself.

You have had a bad week. We know. If you have had a wonderful week cos he proposed or that asshole boss is on leave or you managed to successfully steal a PS3 and are now murking Call of Duty, well, it could have been better.

Anyway, these things are called Outspired.




A healthy diet is vital for a digestion. If you want your time in the lavatory to be pleasant, either take a friend there with you and have sex therein, or eat a lot of fibre  and drink a lot of water.


Outspired resized


You may have to click on the pictures to see them in their full inspirational glory. Wait. Thta what? Basajjabalaba is in jail, Bad Black is free?


Outspired 6 resized


A man set himself on fire outside Chameleone’s house? Why not go to Bobi Wine’s house? Why deny us the chance to make Fire Base puns? Or Bebe Cool’s house, so we can at least talk about Bun Dem?

Outspired 3 resized


Okay. Please waste your company’s bandwidth for a few more hours and then go home for weekend which is where all the beer is.


But first we looked for popcorn.

Movie of The Month | The Budget Edition

No one gets movies like we do, but even we were not prepared for this. It’s a riveting tale spanning loads of hours. Featuring betrayal {of the eyes} vengeance {by slumber} and a cast of political proportions, this story reminds us that no matter how hard anyone tries, in the end, no one can escape the spell the budget holds.

Critics reviews

I could barely keep my eyes open ~ Col. Kahinda Otafire

It’s my kind of movie. It had me up, had me down, had me gripping the edge of my seat for support ~ Baddru Kiggundu

Brilliant. Just what I’ve been looking for. I’d recommend it ~ Mwana Sirina Tullo, Chairman of Insomniacs Incorporated

Maria Kiwanuka reminds us once again why she’s the right person for the job ~ a mattress

Kirunda Kivejinja turns in a stellar performance. I was actually stunned when he revealed he knew what was going on all along ~ The President

But first we looked for popcorn.

Midweek Movie Madness

We have heard rumblings and tale of a person of immense power. Such is his might, even he is afraid of letting it show. Legend speaks of a time when he shall emerge from the shadows, a time when all shall fear his might. Until then however, he lies almost silent, plotting, scheming… beefing, bitching and planning his revenge. Some know him as the custodian of the city, we know the truth….

He really is…


It’s 2012 and a beautiful but deadly KCCA vampire rises to defend a chaotic city that is entrenched in a war between good and evil. With opposition bitching at every turn, Jennifer Musisi must fight against corrupt cops, dirty politicians and the infamous villainous sausage of Luzira, George Agaba. To make things right, she’s going to have to face, the underworld.


Critics’ Reviews

Wabula, this movie had me on the edge of my chair. Nanti I couldn’t hear what she was saying so I had to lean close – Augustus Tofaayo, Citizens On Edge

Leave our Executive Director alone. You will pay dearly for this – Patrice Smith, Al Shya Boob
That woman is going to have my babies, you wait – Name Withheld



Legendary gratitude to  all our awesome fans for making us look good in front of the chics. Rock on!

Special thanks to the House Of DJs, Boda Boda, SMS Media and Radio City for raining dollars on the party.

Extra thanks to the following Legendary individuals:

  • Luise and Dan of Cineplex and Boda Boda
  • Em and Melanie Kaita of Sanyu FM
  • Steven Tendo of Monitor Publications
  • Ivan Barigye of IN-ovators
  • Amos Kiyingi
  • Roland Niwagaba
  • Jona Kagimba
  • Solomon King
  • The Mith
  • Enygma
  • Susan Nava
  • Mariah Nerima
  • Tony Tumusiime
  • Marcello

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