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A TOP FIVE: I Got The Magic Shoes.

By • Mar 1st, 2013

it is a truth universally acknowledged that a man who wants to score with chicks must wear a good pair [...]

WHERE ARE OUR GOATS!!: A Case Of Legislative Probing And Inquiring

By • Feb 19th, 2013

  The Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee is gearing up to unleash Satan’s very own Hell upon whoever is responsible for [...]

The Day After Valentine’s

By • Feb 14th, 2013

Today is the day of love.   According to a conversation I was having with someone or other last night, [...]

Top Ten: What I Hope To See At The Zone 7 Back2School Parrey!!

By • Jan 24th, 2013

For several years now, the zone 7 back to school party has been a staple of my calendar. I can [...]

UG@50; A page from the book of 2062

By • Sep 27th, 2012

It is the year 2062, my name is UGcitizen 4599. And this is my story. I am a character in [...]

Tales Of The Fund | Part One

By • Jul 3rd, 2012

This exciting, exhilarating, action-packed league of tales is brought to you by…   Disclaimer: We, the editorial chaps of ULK, [...]

The Ffene Series Part III: Cross-Species Heartbreak, Johanssens and being on-TV

By • Jun 1st, 2012

There are many times when the only thing standing between you and peace of mind is this blank computer screen; [...]

SCORCHING: A Hot Chick Disorganises An Office

By • Apr 27th, 2012

A certain lady walked into an office this morning. She was fly as tsetse, dope as coke and hot as [...]

A Boda-Boda rider got slapped this morning

By • Apr 19th, 2012

Jehoshaphat (not real name), a boda boda rider got bitch slapped today. It was not a pretty sight. I did [...]

IT WAS ALL A DREAM: A Lesson for the Holiday.

By • Apr 5th, 2012

Come dear reader of this website, let me tell you a wondrous tale such as your ears have never heard [...]