About ULK

Urban Legend Kampala is a humor, parody, satire, and fine-literature website, wherein Ugandan ninjas congregate to do ninja things, the moonwalk and to present to you sundry funny articles for your enjoyment, amusement, retweeting and Facebook-liking pleasure.

The ninjas are:

Ivan:  Ivan is four-foot five, fat beyond belief and is coming out on the losing end of a lifelong battle with head lice. He writes funny things for this site. Ivan is one in a million. Because his head lice are not on his head. They are inside his ears.  True story. Read him here.

Sleek (also Sleek n wild): Made his name as a TV chicken mogul, controlling all the TV Chicken business in the lower-east quadrant of the city, until he was edged out of business by a combination of competition from the rising rolex industry and cholera. He writes funny things for this site. Read him here.

Erique: Is a vague rumour, possibly a complete work of fiction. So many lies have been told about this man that the wise position to take whenever he is mentioned is complete and total skepticism. Let’s just stay on the safe side and say there IS NO Erique. Erique also writes funny things for this site. Read him here.

Ernest Bazanye: Feels like Kanye West. Other rappers have nicknames, but him he goes about waving his real name around like a pendulous genital. He is highly intelligent, very charming in person, a gifted sportsman who has mastered several disciplines, and is the author of this About Us section. He writes things for this site and hopes they are funny. Read him here.

Thank you.

  • Audrey

    hearty laugh..that fourth introduction.nicely done …) lol