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Way back when during Literature class, I was taught that nothing was ever as it appeared. If the author mentioned grass swaying in the wind, he likely meant to allude to the young people of his day living recklessly.

That thinking has served me well enough to know that there’s more than meets the eye… Here’s what I gleaned from the trailer for Batman V Superman.


The title alone tells you that this is a movie about a power struggle, but that’s really just the surface. Who are the fighters? Well, it’s pretty evident that it’s about race as evidenced in the color scheme.

The Batman character is always clothed in dark clothes while the Superman character has fairly bright clothes. This alludes to race relations in the USA.


Darkness in America

To further push this idea, you will notice that when they get round to fighting, the Superman character does not carry any weapons. This is supposed to draw our attention to the scourge of violence in the States that has seen black people carry guns, ie glocks, and use them against the supposedly defenseless white people.

However, there is some inverted sub-text that speaks to our colonial history. This is most evident in the part that speaks to our reliance on the white man for aid. He clearly states, “Stay down! If I wanted it, you would be dead already”.

The trailer also drops hints regarding the theme of immigration. The Superman and Wonder Woman characters are from out of town and what do they do? They promptly pick fights with the people they have found in the country they have chosen to settle in.

The Superman character, though white, offers a glimpse in to the lives of hardworking white people that have not grown in to wealth.

Can I scrub your back, m'am?

Creepy fully clothed man leaps into shower of unsuspecting white woman.

For one thing, we see that he is overwhelmed by all the water in the city.

This is clear from the scene where he jumps in to a full tub with a fully clothed Lois Lane. The argument here is clearly, “If you give the less privileged amenities, they will misuse them”.

Perhaps one of the most glaring things to be taken out of this trailer is how it foreshadows the Presidential Election (US or UG, you be the judge). They have attempted to mask it tactfully, but you can not look past the fact that the billionaire is picking the fight with the lowly newspaper reporter.


Woops, I meant this one…luthor

In fact, this actually speaks volumes about the abuse of civil liberties and people’s rights.

There is also an element of sexism on display wherein the only time anyone pays attention to a woman is when she is wearing short things. The same woman is seen dancing in a long white dress earlier on, but no one ever mentions that particular scene.

The "let me go and pee real quick" part of the movie.

The “let me go and pee real quick” part of the movie.

However, when she steps out in a short skirt and wields a whip like a dominatrix, it is explosive.

Explosions all over. In the movie and in fanboys' pants.

Explosions all over. In the movie and in fanboys’ pants.

The stereotype that black people are more athletic is on full display in a scene where the black character (the Batman) is not in costume and has clearly been whitewashed. Here we see him running around into dust. Yes, dust, further reinforcing the old adage, “you can take a man out of the village, but you can count on him to run right back.”

The trailer ends on an optimistic note, however, as it shows that one day, the black man may say, “Enough! I’m done taking shit from you”.

Oh, you 'bout to learn!

Oh, you ’bout to learn!

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