Ugandan Travel Dynamics

By • Dec 9th, 2013 • Category: WTH

Travel; ah, don’t we just love the sound of that!

Unless…you know, you’re one of those unfortunate few who get worn out by even a simple taxi drive from Entebbe to Kampala (and well, I can’t blame you; that stretch of road is from hell itself.) You might also happen to be one of those blessed few who have flown practically all over the world (or so, you like to tell it) and are so fed up that the very mention of the word travel makes you foam at the mouth (could be old-age making you drool but hey, we’re not judging you.)

For the rest who might be just like me and have been in Uganda for as many years as you’ve lived but yet somehow still feel you’ve been stuck here longer then travel is one of those magical words that produces a sigh of longing from your sun-roasted lips.

We have been criticized however by people who are clearly paid too much for the statistics they provide, that we don’t want to explore our country. They paint the picture of us wanting to end up in some cramped hotel somewhere across the sea with little money to get by but somehow still rejoicing that we have travelled. Yeah dude, those people bum me out too, but you have to admit that they have a point.

Whenever the term ‘up-country’ is used, people flinch and you can practically see their memories of terrible Christmas experiences and complaining relatives who stick to them like leeches deprived of blood for weeks. That is wholly unpleasant I am sure but hey, one of these days, ditch the whole personal village idea and go visit other people’s relatives. Christmas is coming up and really, what better time to go out there and disturb some random people you might never see again.

Alright, that is not your incentive for travelling, I get it. Well then, have a look at what those overly-paid statisticians found out; go for the scenery and the quiet. Don’t forget that food is so more or less free in the villages and boy, don’t we all just love cheap things. You could even take a bucket-load of pictures and upload them to your blog before you forget why in the world you thought a snap of a narrow dirt road was a good thing to have. Then of course, there are those cramped hotels we apparently love so much, completed with bed-bugs and showers so bad they’ll cure you of cleanliness for a while. Now this is my experience but then again, I did end up in the poorest of communities so don’t base on just this.

I should emphasize though that this is Uganda and the intensity of drama is the same no matter where you find yourself. I mean, there was that homicidal bed in Busia that I am still sure either wanted to bash my head in or cripple me in one way or the other. The Wi-Fi in Mbale that played hide and seek for the entire length of my stay there and of course not leaving out the crazy herd of cows in Kasese that suddenly went stampeding and almost killed me…twice…on two separate days.

Yes, so clearly there is a reason why some of us shouldn’t travel (that’s if we want to maintain our sanity) but hey your own journey is still just beginning.

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