You Got Who To Judge Project Fame?

By • Sep 16th, 2013 • Category: WTH

Looked for a more flowery title for this one and I couldn’t find one.

So, Project Fame paraded a team of female judges for this season’s auditions… At the back of their minds, I think they wanted to go for diversity, only it didn’t work out that way. Women see things in people more often than microscopes do in water. Now, put down those pitchforks and hear me out…

The cannabis legend.

Getting three women (the situation gets worse as the number increases, so we will keep it at three) to sit on one table and share a joint is as hard as getting 10 puppies to pose for a picture. Yeah, because there is nothing harder than that, not even diamonds, or King Kong’s ass. And that’s just the “Cannabis Legend”. Now someone somewhere thought it would be a great idea to get three ladies to judge other women on a TV show. That’s just downright insane. Either you are going to have them ganging up against contestants or tearing themselves apart because of contestants. And we all know that show already exists, it’s called Wrestling.

‘Been in the project too long, forgot to speak’

Those are the words of Martin Luther King. Jr. That was around the time he went to some auditions and all he heard from the judges were jeers, waves, eye bats, whispers and bursts of laughter. Martin was devastated, not because he was not allowed into the project, but because he couldn’t interprete ‘project’… and it seemed like that’s all the judges knew. He didn’t understand whether or not the judges loved his rendition of Akon’s Ghetto.

And who comes up with things even

It makes you wonder what thought process goes in to these things. Does some guy sit there and  just say “Hey, bro how about we get 3 girls to be judges for this years show?’ Then some other evil mastermind gives him a high five and replies. “great idea, Jim” !

What gives? That’s so evil, man! Only Gaddafi  could get a bunch of ladies organised and now he’s dead, which kinda suggests that someone somewhere did not like how he was running things.…

Look at those hands!

Look at those hands!

Speaking of which, where are those chicks at nowadays? I could hook them up with some kyeyo…

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