Monday Massacres: Museveni vs Kasparov

By • Jul 8th, 2013 • Category: Monday Massacres

Rumors being fueled by reports from a rival media house, brought to our attention by our now jobless receptionist, indicate that Grand Master Garry Kasparov is set to jet into the country and among other clever things, dumb things down and take on our head of state in a game of chess. This is exciting news. So exciting, we need a public holiday to celebrate it properly. So exciting, we should declare a national one-minute window during which everyone with access to public funds can take at will and there will be no repercussions…that’s not to say that not that there are any right now.

For so long now, the world has been laughing at Uganda after it became clear that we aren’t good at Chase. The wounds are still raw.

Big Brother: The Chase...of Ugandans

Chase: Ugandans need not apply

 Today, our benevolent leader wins back our pride by beating the Chess legend. We get to laugh last.  To leave nothing to chance, here are a few tips to make sure the Russian feigns illness midway through the game.

1. The thing that looks like a horse, it moves like an ‘L’. As in you move it forward as if two steps then you turn it one step to the right or to the left. It moves like Lukyamuzi in a riot; straight then it ducks just as the police starts to ask “Elo, what are you doing here?”

Police Arrest protestor

Ugandans ending a game of chase

2. The one with a cross on the head but as if wearing a dress is you. It is the king. Numero uno. Da bauss. A strange-cross-dressing king that can’t get a decent pair of trousers , unlike you.


Kaspa-who? The gun?

3. The chess pieces do not ‘jump’ each other. That is another game played by people who are not intelligent like you

4. The piece with spiky things on its head and also wearing a dress like yours, that is the queen. She has balls of steel. She moves as she wishes. She goes everywhere, fast. She’s lethal. She’s like a boda boda with brains

5. The smallest piece is called the pawn. This is the foot soldier. The one you send to do a lot of the dirty work. It is the one that feels important yet it is dispensable. You have several of these around so it should be easy to relate.

Kasparov, this is to you:

E=mc2, so as I tends to infinity, x tends to zero.

Bring it on.

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