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When she was born, someone bestowed the name Pamela Otti upon her. She went through the early bits of her life with that tag and even had a couple of gigs as an MC with that name coating the microphone with every introduction. Then she blew up and became the larger than life entity we now know and love (?) as Straka.

There’s no doubt that she is something of a big deal. Why people still throw fan parties for her, but somewhere along the way, she moved from a crowd-pleaser to the butt of many a joke.

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Sure, her size expanded to accommodate her burgeoning career, but that’s not really an issue. What is, it got such that, it became the thing many people started recognizing her for.

So, maybe this would have been the point at which she should have hit the brakes and rode off into the sunset, with both her real name and dignity intact. Unfortunately, she chose another path.

The revamped Pamela took on a pseudonym from we know not where and there was nary a trace of the MC from years gone by.

Everyone has a problem with wedding meetings, what with how, through no fault of your own,  you get suckered in to paying for the union of two individuals you had, prior to this treachery, assumed had your best interests at heart and would never make you spend money you don’t have.

Straka, in her own way attempted to be transparent; she actually staged a wedding with an entrance fee. Her husband-to-be never turned up and the dejected bride-to-be collapsed out of shame….apparently.  In her defense, the wedding had an additional bonus that not many do; it was supposed to double as a celebration of Uganda’s musical talent with a host of musicians slated to perform.

Not Straka. Not by a long shot.

Not Straka. Not by a long shot.

Sorry, I may be getting ahead of myself here. There was also her stint as Uganda’s resident cougar, regularly on the prowl for some fresh meat. Once again, it’s worth pointing out that there is, technically nothing wrong with this, the people she was going after were, presumably, consenting adults and they knew what/who they were getting in to.

The problem is, she seemed to actually feed off the prowl and kept ditching one and moving on to another. Snatch from a cradle once, shame on it, snatch from it twice and there’s clearly a problem.

She is also credited with the “color separation movement” that sought to have color distance itself from people’s clothing and find refuge in their hair. If they could, clowns would sue for copyright infringement, but they’d have to get in line behind the birds trying to get back the nests that had since taken up residence atop many a lady’s head.

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She goes on to host the show that is credited with helping her achieve her larger than life status at WBS. However, recent reports linked her to yet another young man, an artist that is trying to cement his position as a force to reckon with, but as of now, Gravity’s biggest claim to fame is that he brought Straka down.

If we had to pick one moment out of her history, we’d say she should have taken a chill pill around the time her career careened and deviated from her glory days as Pamela Otti, erstwhile MC at DV8.



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