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By • May 24th, 2013 • Category: Movie Of The Month, Optical Nutrition

In a dystopian future in a city filled with writing pads, one man dares to put paper to pen setting in motion a chain of events that will alter a nation…FOREVER.

Power of Words

A retired colonel must resort to using all his wits if he is to survive. With betrayal and intrigue and other cool sounding things surrounding his best intentions at every corner, he must scribble carefully. The stakes are high and everyone is just dying to have the last word.


I can not unsee this movie. It’s captivating, will definitely bring the house down – The Monitor

There was no thigh. Where are the thighs? – The Red Pepper

Plays like an ad for our products – Picfare

I didn’t get it. Does this mean I can no longer send Nalweyiso love notes? – De Scholar


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