Why Are They Muzzling The Media?

By • May 22nd, 2013 • Category: Politics

Monitor, KFM, Dembe FM and Red Pepper have been shut down by the popo. There was a raid on their offices by SWAT commandos who issued the biggest baddest STFU in Uganda. It was like in G.I. Joe. So cool.

But what was the reason behind this action, why would the government send armed troops to close down media organisations? Doesn’t that contravene the ideal of press freedom?

Why? You want to know why? You want the truth?


But can you handle?


Okay. Here.


  • They shut down Red Pepper because to hell with Red Pepper, okay.
  • We have warned Monitor over and over again about the error in their tagline. It’s not supposed to be Truth Everyday, it’s supposed to be Truth Every Day. Three words. If you can’t get it right, just stop printing.
  • KFM has been broadcasting over a wetland.
  • Sharon O announced that she was going solo and there was a tip-off to the Ministry of Ethics that Monitor was going to feature an interview with her. This interview might be printed with a photo of her with her awesome legs, in contravention of the miniskirt bill.
The moral fabric of society is skimpy

The moral fabric of society.


  • Seriously, the hell with Red Pepper.
  • Roger Mugisha and his lies must stop. Mbu pastor. Pastor biki.
  • And what’s with those accents? Why can’t a radio presenter talk like a human being instead of wrengwreng mwerr mweerr?
  • Even Obama agrees that press freedom should not include Red Pepper.
  • If you want to be raided, you can also make a letter of your own here


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