She Just Wants To Be Friends

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Uncle Agony dear,

I met this great girl about two months ago and we’ve been hanging out and enjoying each other’s company more and more since then. She has a boyfriend but I think she and I are developing something stronger. The problem is she thinks of our relationship differently. I like her a lot and I want us to start dating but she just wants us to remain friends because she has a boyfriend. I don’t understand. I’ve given her all the right signs, I’ve been so good to her, been there for her whenever she needed me even more than her boyfriend and yet she doesn’t seem to want to have a relationship with me.

At some point I got so angry that I just wanted to dump her but then thought that maybe if I stayed in her life longer, she would change her mind and accept a relationship with me. I believe am good for her but she just won’t see that. Kindly help me please. What should I do?

Junior P.


Junior P dear,

Sometimes chicks be funny like that. Me there was this one time I badly wanted to eat. I was so hungry that suddenly everything looked like food. Everyone that passed by looked like they were sprinkled with onions and cabbage. Luckily, I found a restaurant nearby and immediately told the chick there to give me whatever she had on the lunch menu.

Guess what she told me? That she could only give me soda cos it was way past the lunch hour and they were out of food. I couldn’t believe it! She had refused to give me food even after I gave her all the right signs. I was hungry, I was seated in the restaurant, I had the money to pay her…how could she allow customers to come earlier and finish the food like I wasn’t going to want some also? Then I thought, maybe if I sat there longer she’d change her mind and tell one of her customers to bring back the food they had eaten. Or maybe if I continued pestering her, the energy generated from all the questions would be enough to turn the soda into food.

I believed I was good enough for her food but she just couldn’t see that. I sat there confused for close to an hour but, unfortunately, all my efforts couldn’t help. Luckily, there was another restaurant just next door that worked 24/7, so I moved on and ate.

You could either try the same restaurant (very good food) or you could ask her boyfriend why she’s acting like that.

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