The Day After Valentine’s

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Today is the day of love.

And this is your invigilator. No cheating!!!

This is your invigilator. No cheating!!!


According to a conversation I was having with someone or other last night, love is a very personal thing, and what constitutes true love is very different since everyone has their own perspective. This difference in perspective is nowhere shown more intensely than on Valentine’s Day. Some will congregate somewhere to hate on it, some will go out looking for it; some couldn’t be bothered, some wear red and black and look ridiculous, some stroke furry animals…


Now far be it from me to disrespect the great institution of Valentine’s Day. It is after all an international holiday, probably bigger than the day the Jews killed Christ. Valentine’s is great, but there are some things about the day after Valentines that you can’t beat. The day after Valentine’s has all the fun without the nerves. And if you have played your cards right, it is the day you finally get to have that cosy sssssnuggly under-the-bedcovers fart contest with the person of your dreams.




I know you haven’t received my messages on Facebook (that ka Zuckerberg and his nnuggu) where I described my plans for our Valentine in all their alarming detail, so at least let me sing for you some Valentine dedz in anticipation for next year.

(Sings his wretched deds); And I… I… will orwezzz ruvvv youuuuu

By the way in the world of love, this is a levy revelant ablum. I am here in UG but don’t I have taste? Kale, till next year, call me maybe? Eh eh? Alright.




That didn’t go too badly, did it?

Now back to the day after Valentines.


Another one of the merits of the day after Valentine’s is the fact that you probably aren’t going to spend anything, though you might…. might … have to cover a certain someone’s fare back home but that will be in the early hours of the day before the sun is up even.

Something you can put behind you quickly.

You get to pass around the newspaper fashion pages and snigger at all the weirdly dressed couples, you get to maybe slit your wrists or hang yourself in case you show up somewhere in there … lots of fun stuff for the whole family basically.

You also get to think about all the loves of your life from as far back as antiquity, you get to think of all the good times you had, you get to look at your current life and wonder where it all went wrong. You get to remember (after the hangover has cleared) that last night you watched Bridget Jones Diary twice – for God knows what reason then went to Centenary Park and chatted up a dubious looking catastrophe with wrinkles in her mascara. (the one who just got onto a boda a few hours ago)

You get to have one hell of a WTF moment….

The day after Valentine’s is great man. It’s just freaking awesome. Trust me I Know.

Enjoy your Friday tomorrow.



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  • Kitacheri

    And know what is more awesome on the day after valentines day? It is My Birthday after valentines :)))

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