Outspire Yourself.

By • Jan 18th, 2013 • Category: Pictures

You have had a bad week. We know. If you have had a wonderful week cos he proposed or that asshole boss is on leave or you managed to successfully steal a PS3 and are now murking Call of Duty, well, it could have been better.

Anyway, these things are called Outspired.




A healthy diet is vital for a digestion. If you want your time in the lavatory to be pleasant, either take a friend there with you and have sex therein, or eat a lot of fibre  and drink a lot of water.


Outspired resized


You may have to click on the pictures to see them in their full inspirational glory. Wait. Thta what? Basajjabalaba is in jail, Bad Black is free?


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A man set himself on fire outside Chameleone’s house? Why not go to Bobi Wine’s house? Why deny us the chance to make Fire Base puns? Or Bebe Cool’s house, so we can at least talk about Bun Dem?

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Okay. Please waste your company’s bandwidth for a few more hours and then go home for weekend which is where all the beer is.


Liking this article is what happens to cool people