Miss Uganda Had Better Do Something

By • Jan 16th, 2013 • Category: WTH

According to The Monitor, Miss Uganda UK, Gladys Kyatungire, has been speaking to the youth in Gulu District, where she asked them to be “spiritual soldiers to fight child sacrifice.

Monitor reported:

“Ms Kyatungire, who was addressing the youth at Gulu University during an International Business Campaign against Child Sacrifice, observed that the evil of child sacrifice should not only be fought by the police and other agencies but all entities.”

Has anybody told Bizzu this?


To: phionabizzu@missuganda.co.ug

From: Bazanye@urbanlegendkampala.com

Subject: Are You Going To Just Stand There And Take This?


Bizzu, what’s up. I know it’s been a while, but I have been busy. Also, I respect what you said about me not bothering you anymore — There was no need for restraining orders. I can take a hint. Fine, you don’t want to model for my bikini-wax business. I get it. This isn’t about that. This is something different. And it’s urgent.

Have you heard about this Gloria Kyatungire chick who is traipsing around Gulu District addressing youth and speaking against social evils and stuff while calling herself Miss Uganda UK? Some miscellaneous chick is running around claiming your spot

Now, it’s not that I’m trying to instigate beef or anything, but this heifer is all up in YOUR HOOD claiming she’s Miss Uganda.

I’m not trying to instigate, but I’m just saying, if a nigga came to my place and started talking about how he is me, smooching my wife and spanking my kids, I would call that a diss. I would call that disrespect and I would not hesitate to put that nigga in check. I’m just saying. I’m not trying to instigate beef, I’m just saying, a real Miss Uganda would not take this lying down.

If some nigga was going around fronting like writing my posts and taking my facebook likes, that is a nigga who is going around asking for his head to be hit with a club so hard that his neck will descend into his chest and his ears will be on his shoulders, cos me I take myself seriously. I don’t play that identity theft shit. I will decimate a nigga’s ass.

So this Gloria chick has the nerve to come to YOUR territory and start talking to YOUR Ugandans mbu inspiring YOUR youth? I’m not a catalyst here, but somebody needs to tell somebody something.  Somebody needs to go there and assure somebody that Bizzu already GOT THIS. Bizzu Runs this country. Ain’t no nother Miss Uganda, Bizzu got this.

I’m not trying to get you to yank out her weave, or backhandslap her a couple of times and make her dentist cancel his upcoming vacation because he is going to be busy for the rest of the month. I’m not saying that, but hey, if it comes to that, I guess a lady’s got to handle her business, I won’t stop you.

I’m not trying to instigate, but I’m just saying…



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