Anti-Gay Bill: Ugandans Threaten To Block Facebook Before Facebook Blocks Them

By • Dec 11th, 2012 • Category: Society

Following the recently rumoured threat from Facebook to block Uganda over its stance on the anti-gay bill, Ugandans have threatened to act first by blocking the social networking site from their lives.

Speaking to ULK on condition of anonymity, Spencer Wolokoso (not real name) expressed profound bitterness over Facebook’s threat that could deny him his God-given right to update his status. “With immediate effect, I am denying them access to my personal information,” he spat.

“I’m no longer telling them what I’m doing when. It’s my Facebook account, not theirs. I will unfriend everyone, shut down my account and refuse to renew my internet. Then we shall see who owns who.”

Another Ugandan only identified as Another Ugandan threatened to go as far as forgetting his Facebook password. “In fact as you speak to me right now, I’ve already forgotten the first letter of my password. And I’m in the process of forgetting the rest.”

By press time, some Ugandans had started updating their status messages through SMS. “I’ve already sent a text to about seventy of my contacts informing them that I’m in a relationship,” said one. “They can like by putting their thumbs up from wherever they are.”

Others said that instead of wasting precious time facebooking, they’d waste it being more productive until Facebook revokes their threat.


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