Donors Announce More Aid Cuts. Meanwhile In A Meeting Somewhere…

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Random photo of a man sitting in his office chair.

Minister One: Stop looking at me! With your stupid yellow shirt!

Minister Two: Look at this duck. Yellow is the colour of the sun.

Minister One: It’s also the colour of pupu.

Chairman: Guy! Guys! Let’s act like responsible adults. We have a serious issue to discuss.

M1: Why is he accusing me of stealing his biscuits? I packed my own eats.

M2: I’m not accusing you, fool!

M1: You’re looking at me like you’re accusing me.

CM: Hey! We’re not here to discuss eats. We’re here to discuss donor funds.

M1: What’s the difference?

CM: Blank stare

M1: Sorry.

CM: Anyway, so almost all our donors are cutting aid. What’s the way forward? We need to win back their trust.

M1: These biscuits taste like they are from the Obote regime.

M2: I knew it! I told you that duck had stolen my eats.

M1: Please! Since when is taking what doesn’t belong to you stealing?

CM: Guys! Please! What we’re discussing affects our professional and personal lives.

M1: Point. I need money for Christmas shopping. When are donors sending that money for the disabled?

CM: They are not sending it.

M3: WHAT?!

M1: Shit! I promised her a new car.

CM: Now do I have your attention? We need to convince them that their money is safe.

M1: What if we share the money we steal…

M3: Take.

M1: …the money we take with them?

M2: We can’t share money with the guys we’re stealing it from, douche.

M3: Take take take. Guys, don’t say stealing. Stealing is bad.

CM: We need to convince them that there’s no more corruption in this government.

M2: What if we take all the donor money and finish it? Then corruption will be over.

M1: Nice!

M2: Thanks man.

M1: No, some of your biscuits are nice. Want some?

CM: The problem is they are not sending anymore. So there’s no donor money to finish.

M3: But some ministries still have money. Health, Works, Education…

M1: No, we ate the education money. Didn’t you hear teachers complaining?

M2: Now what?

CM: Exactly.

M1: What if we stole our own money?

CM: You mean the party?

M1: No. Our own salaries. Think about it. If you stole money from your own account, who would ever know?


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