Whatcha Gonna Do When You Get Out Of Jail?: Bad Black’s Diary

By • Nov 16th, 2012 • Category: In The News

As you know Shanita made bail and she’s now out. So what if she’s out? Well, so THIS. We have found her full weekend plot here…




3.00pm: Pose for cameras

4.00pm: Pose for newspaper headlines

5.30pm: Organise my surprise party

7.00pm: Enter disco

7.01pm: Be surprised by my party

8.00pm: Tell DJ to stop music for speeches

8.01pm: He refuses

8.02pm: I bribe him

8.03pm:  Make speech thanking myself for coming back

8.40pm: People cheer and music starts again

3.00am: I go home and wait for tomorrow



2.00pm: Wake up

2.30pm: Wonder why Princess Komuntale didn’t invite me for her wedding

2.40pm: I get pissed

4.00pm: Still pissed

5.00pm: But how?! I am the queen of parties and all ceremonies in Uganda

6.00pm: Call Komuntale

6.01pm: Realise I don’t have her number

7.00pm: Get more pissed

7:02pm: Call off second surprise party



9.00am: Google another Greenhalgh

9.05am: Who is this… Amama Mbabazi?

9.06am: He expanded my business

9.07am: I realise someone is reading my diary

9.08am: I stop writing

9.09am: Start thinking

9.11am: Realise they can still read my thoughts

912am: Stop thinking. Just be myself


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