Ghost Schools Celebrate End Of Ghost PLE

By • Nov 8th, 2012 • Category: In The News


Students from the several Ghost schools around Uganda are celebrating the successful conclusion of PLE exams countrywide.  The non-existent boys and girls heaved a collective sigh of fictional relief when they put down their imaginary pens and were able to walk out of the schoolrooms that had never been built to accomodate them.

They thanked the Ministry of Education for all the funds that had been sent to various officials to build, facilitate and maintain their schools. Henry Segawa, a nonexistent p7 student of Emizumu PS, thanked the corrupt officials for making it impossible for him to flunk. “Ghost students don’t fail exams. This is thanks to the era of peace and development ushered in by the current government. Oyee.”

However, not all ghosts were pleased. Bachwezi students of ghost schools around the country expressed outrage over the History syllabus being taught by Ministry of Education schools.

“That’s not how it happened at all,” said a spokesman of the Bachwezi spirits. “And we should know. We were there!”

The headmaster of Gehenna Primary School after exams

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