The artiste during happier times

BREAKING: Zuena and Music Part Ways

By • Oct 24th, 2012 • Category: Society, WTH

UGANDA– In a startling turn of events, music and Zuena have announced that they shall be going their separate ways. The news came as music was coming under attack for not being as awesome as it used to be. Speculation is rife, but reports suggest that Zuena suspected things were not as they used to be when a friend intimated that “music was just not that into her”.

The artiste during happier times

Attempts to get a quote from the as-if-musician have not yielded much with her publicist saying the fading star said, of music, ‘he’s just somebody that I used to know’.

Music, for it’s part has not tried to maintain any civility and didn’t mince words when it told this reporter that it was glad that it was over. “Listen, she is a nice girl, beautiful even, but sometimes you just have to face me and accept that things are going nowhere”.

It’s not the first time that the controversial music has appeared in the news for throwing its lovers by the way side. In the recent past we’ve seen it walk away from Ziggy Dee, Sizza Man among a host of others. It is currently involved in a love-hate relationship with Rachel K and The Obsessions.

“Listen, it’s not secret that I have numerous partners, but I’ve never attempted to hide my feelings for them. You can always tell which ones I favour, so you have to give me credit for being transparent. If I was leading people on, and I’ve heard that before, then we would be singing a different tune”

There’s no telling how this divorce is going to affect the relationship between Zuena and the father of her kids, a Mr. Bebe, given that he is enjoying a particularly productive relationship with music.

Of their status, music stated, “Bebe is cool. We have done great things together, some I’d be embarrassed to admit in public, but a lot of the things we have done are awesome. I love that he likes to experiment, it keeps me wondering, ‘what will he do next’. Just because things haven’t worked out between myself and his wife, I don’t see any reason why we can’t be together anymore. In any case, isn’t he Muslim? Surely there’s no harm in him taking on additional partners…”

Asked whether there are any chances of a reconciliation with Zu, music was not very optimistic, “I doubt. It’s not like we didn’t try. You remember when we did Mata? That was special, but that’s in the past and there’s really no reason to revisit spilled milk. For the here and now, I’m going to have to acknowledge that ‘agenze’… but who knows?”

We were informed, however, that music is just trying to put up a tough front and is bitter. A friend told us that music had hoped another artiste with the letter Z had walked away and not Zuena.

We don’t know what Zuena plans to do, but we suspect she is going to focus on her family, but she could surprise us yet again and court music’s younger brother, ‘acting’.

Stay tuned.


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