A Day in The Life of A Hardworking Student

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9:00am I wake up. What time is it? Six? WTF? I set the alarm for six! How did this happen? Oh. I forgot to charge the ideos last night. Battery blacked out.

9:01am Just a few more minutes.

9:45am A heavy breakfast is important for a mind that has a lot of work ahead of it. I need carbohydrates and elecrolytes to oxidise my cerebellum before I hit these books. Yeah. I’m going to kill these books. Murda! Watch out knowledge, your ass is mine! Let me first make breakfast then I’m going to go nuke these books.

10:00am Bacon rolex with chicken and bushera with yoghurt. Nyum. Let me see what’s on TV while I eat.

10:30am But all local music videos look the same after a while. People swanning around in front of an expensive car. This is how you know that a video is Ugandan. The car is not moving. Ugandan artists can rent the Range for the video but they don’t have money left for petrol. Ranges guzzle.

11:00am The anchor on Al Jazeera looks like he has smelled something bad but he is trying not to let it show on his face. An epic struggle.

11:02am THERE! He squinched his nostril! Man had to give up.

11:30pm But Rabbin Kisty yajja. Now all of the presenters talk like her. Rrawarwr gaaaraara! I don’t need this nonsense. Let me find a DVD.

2:00pm But these guys of Game of Thrones are too bad! Kal Dothraki does not joke around!

2:45pm I swear I need to get to these books. Exams are coming.

2:46pm One more episode.

4:00pm Okay. Just a brief nap to rejuvenate my brain.

7:56pm What happened to the alarm I set? I was supposed to wake up after one hour! Shit! Why didn’t the phone … oh. Ideos again.

8:07pm Okay. Shut up, I’m reading.

8:11pm I’m hungry. I didn’t eat lunch.

8:33 The rolex guy took long today. But then again, a rolla with half a chicken in it isn’t a quick meal.

8:48pm What’s on TV? Let me see what’s on while I eat.

9:00pm  The way they say “Jaws a fiend Krrrrrrrngy!” Heh heh.

9:18pm “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”

9:19pm “gnes Nandutuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!”

10:00pm When I grow up I want to be like Tyrion Lannister. Wait. When is he going to grow up? Lol! I kill me.

10:43pm I had no idea I still had beer in this room.

11:08pm Who is this calling me at this time? I am reading books I don’t have time for late night calls.

11:12pm Off to Nana Hostel


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    Word. Fyi, Tyrion Lannister is the shit.