How To Know If Kiprotich Is Your Brother

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The man has won Uganda’s first Olympic gold medal since 1972. The man is making headlines all over the place. No, he hasn’t broken a record. He’s not a violent man. He has simply outrun the record.

Which makes it just the right time to start using sentences like, “Oh, Kiprotich? He’s my O.B from O-level. He actually once borrowed one of my spoons. True story.”

Or even better, it’s just the right time to be suspicious that he could actually be your brother. We’re giving you a chance to do a quick DNA test to ascertain if it’s really true or just a rumour you heard from yourself.

Please answer the questions below.


Can you catch a bullet?


  • I saw Neo doing it in Matrix.
  • Does dying after catching it count?
  • Yes I can. Obama taught me to just say things.
  • First show me.


Can you run faster than a car?


  • There was this one time during traffic jam…
  • I don’t have a car.
  • I think I can. I’ll never try it because it’s dangerous but I think I can.
  • Like what model?


Have you ever won a running competition?


  • Why would I run?
  • I won a competition and ran away before they realized that I had cheated.
  • Yes. I once ran for Compound Prefect in school.
  • On a PlayStation or X-Box?


Who is the fastest runner in the world?


  • Hussein Bolt. Or is it Hassan Bolt? I keep seeing his name on Twitter. Is he also from Uganda?
  • Our neighbour’s dog. That thing can run!
  • Stephen Kiprotich, of course. Even if haters are going to say I’m lying.
  • Bebe Cool?


What event did Stephen Kiprotich win?


  • A gold medal.
  • He won the Olympics.
  • The men’s Olympic marathon. How can you not know this? And you say you’re Ugandan. Mssssscccchhhhhhheeeeeewwwwww!!!
  • First wait and I google. Let me seeeeeeeee… Eh! Kim Kardashian has uploaded a new picture on Facebook.


If most of your answers were option three, you’re definitely Kiprotich’s sibling.

PS: If police asks you to call us to verify results of this DNA test, we shall be sick and out of the country for treatment.


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