Tales Of The Fund | Finale

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This exciting, exhilarating, action-packed league of tales is brought to you by…

Crawl through this ventilator for Part Three: CRAWL.

And now Part Four…

Mothball lawyer is still yapping into the phone when El Fuego, who’d had a bug installed on the lawyer’s phone all those years ago, teeters into the room and their eyes lock. El Fuego’s lower lip quivers as he struggles to let out something menacing. He’s been out of the game for ages since he grew frail and senile. Lower lip quivering. lip.quiv.errrr.ing.


Like this.

“niberivbibtvpiybrt…”, he manages

He makes an attempt to lift his hand to thump his chest; victory – I’ve said some mean stuff that ought to scare twisted Mothball lawyer who owes me money.

Mothball lawyer is still in shock. WTH! Can’t a nigger catch a break? He pees on himself twice and attempts to do it a third time but the pee, it is finished.

He uses his hand to stop a shiver from running down his spine when he notices that El Fuego is struggling to stay on his feet. The scrawny figure is drooling, and his beady eyes seem to be lighting up, celebrating his own drool.

“So we meet again….M.O.T.H.B.A.L.L.S. lawyer….” El Fuego draws out the words, wincing with each

“…say hullo to my little friend…” he continues as he struggles to unzip

(Silhouette of a fat slob who can’t hold his bladder splashes on the screen. Turns out the movie was recorded in a cinema. Can I hear an ‘our money’?)

Tony Rutigliano, the new mu Lord who replaced El Fuego, and his goons walk in and fire some rapid Italian in El Fuego’s direction, almost felling the old man with their words. They then pull out nunchucks and …(Gruesome fight scenes last seen in Avengers deleted. PG 12. Think about Unicorns, pothole-free Kampala and cotton candy)

In Stato

Phone gets cut off. Simon stares at his phone.

In Ughee

Phone gets cut off. “Friggin (network name deleted)!”


Earth was over-run by aliens in 2015 and the two species have since then lived in harmony; mating, talking and living. The twins are both old and accomplished. And they retire.

Simon has tonkuba nakuyo money. Too much. He worked in Stato.

Kato him he has savings. Mob.

Simon parties hard…and one night, meets and hands all his lust to this girl from another continent. He also hands over his dime.

Kato lives happily-ever after with all his savings…waking up thrice a week to go swim in his dime. When the aliens destroyed earth, only NSSF stayed focused nalo!

Now Save & Stay Focused. Unless you want to be like Bad Black.


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