Govt Creates 25 More Districts. Meanwhile At One Of The Ministries…

By • Jul 19th, 2012 • Category: Featured Post, Politics


Certain minister: Humpty dumpty sat on an NRM wall…humpty dumpty had a great FDC fall…

Another minister: What are you doing?

Certain minister: Rhyming. I strongly believe if humpty dumpty had joined NRM…

Another minister: No, I mean what are you doing lying on the floor staring up at the ceiling singing stupid useless nursery rhymes?

Certain minister: Isn’t there supposed to be a comma there somewhere?

Another minister: Just answer the damn question.

Certain minister: Am bored.

Another minister: What, you don’t have work?

Certain minister: I do. That’s the whole point.

Another minister: We’re playing monopoly. You want to join us?

Certain minister: Where?

Another minister: At the Ministry of Education.

Certain minister: Don’t you guys have a teachers’ strike to sort out or something?

Another minister: We’re hoping it will have died down by the time we finish our game.

Certain minister: So you’ve already started playing?

Another minister: Yeah. Sorry. Or we could try matatu.

Certain minister: Where?

Another minister: At the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness.

Certain minister: The Bududa guys?

Another minister: Yeah. Whoever loses is given work.

Certain minister: What?! That’s an awfully big price to pay.

Another minister: You know?! That’s exactly what I said. Okay, how about the Ministry of Local Government?

Certain minister: What are they playing?

Another minister: Districts.

Certain minister: That’s a game?

Another minister: Yeah. The rules are simple. When they give you a cup of tea, you’re supposed to finish it. If you fail, they tell you about how disappointed they are. But if you pass, you get to create a new district.

Certain minister: Nice! How many ministers are participating?

Another minister: 25.

Certain minister: How many have passed so far?

Another minister: 25. But they’ve gone for a short break.

Certain minister: Awesome! You know this thing could go viral? Like we could even get written about on Google and Twitter and Wikipedia and Safebook…

Another minister: And ULK…

Certain minister: Who?

Another minister: ULK.

Certain minister: What’s that?

Another minister: I don’t know. Probably a new ministry. I just hear people talking about it in town.

Certain minister: Anyway, we could actually blow this thing out of proportion.

Another minister: You mean blow it up?

Certain minister: Yeah! Like take it public and stuff.

Another minister: Tell everyone to take tea and create a new district?

Certain minister: No, but…I don’t know…some sort of promotion…like with SMS Media or something. Let’s go now and discuss it with the rest of the right thinking members of society.

Another minister: I have a bad feeling about this.

Certain minister: Good. In government, bad feelings are the voice of reason.


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