Walk To Work Protests Resume. Meanwhile At The 4GC Offices…

By • Jul 5th, 2012 • Category: Featured Post, In The News, Politics

You’ve heard about the resuming of the Walk to Work protests? Some Ugandans are happy, some are angry and some are too bored that they just want to see some action.

Renewed legs, teargas, canes, whips and bullets, proudly sponsored by 4GC. We got opposition members preparing for the project and recorded the conversation.


4GC guy: Hello?

Other 4GC guy: Dude, we’ve got plot.

4GC guy: Where?

Other 4GC guy: Rouge.

4GC guy: Is that a new district?

Other 4GC guy: No, it’s a club!

4GC guy: How many acres.

Other 4GC guy: I don’t mean a plot of land, you fool! I mean something fun to do.

4GC guy: Like buying plots?? Call Jennifer and tell her to work on it for me.

Other 4GC guy: Who?

4GC guy: Jennifer Musisi.

Other 4GC guy: The KCCA chick? What does she have to do with this?

4GC guy: She’ll set up the land buying arrangements for me.

Other 4GC guy: Jesus Christ, man! I’m talking about the walking plot! Rouge is our starting point. Come on, Bizzy! BMC!

4GC guy: What did you say?

Other 4GC guy: BMC. Beera Mu Class. Be in class. Try to catch up.

4GC guy: No, what did you call me?

Other 4GC guy: Bizzy. Isn’t this Besigye Johnnie Walker Kizza?

4GC guy: NO!!!

Other 4GC guy: Who is this??

4GC guy: Museveni. Owner of Uganda. Who is this? Hello? Hello?

*** *** ***

4GC guy: Dude, you gave me the wrong number!

Other 4GC guy: Which number?

4GC guy: It’s for Ragga Seven.

Other 4GC guy: Who?

4GC guy: Kagzy.

Other 4GC guy: Who??

4GC guy: Museveni. BMC, man! We’re resuming the next season of Walk to Work starting from Rouge-Nandos area. Are you coming?

Other 4GC guy: Who is this?

4GC guy: What do you mean who is this? Who is this?

Other 4GC guy: Kayihura. Hello?

*** *** ***

4GC guy: Hello? Is this Kizza Besigye?

Besigye: Oh, now you’re acting like you don’t know me, huh?

4GC guy: Man, I’m sorry. I just…

Besigye: SORRY?? SORRY??!! You put me through all this shit and you can say is sorry?

4GC guy: Dude, chill! I didn’t mean to…

Besigye: You didn’t mean to what? Rat me out like a little piece of chicken dudu?

4GC guy: WHAT?!

Besigye: This is the part where he pretends he doesn’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

4GC guy: Seriously, what the hell are you talking about?

Besigye: How did the police know about our plans, huh? How did they? You know what? Go have sex with yourself! I don’t want to ever see you again!

4GC guy: Hello? Hello?


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