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Movie of The Month | The Budget Edition

By • Jun 21st, 2012 • Category: Movie Of The Month, Optical Nutrition

No one gets movies like we do, but even we were not prepared for this. It’s a riveting tale spanning loads of hours. Featuring betrayal {of the eyes} vengeance {by slumber} and a cast of political proportions, this story reminds us that no matter how hard anyone tries, in the end, no one can escape the spell the budget holds.

Critics reviews

I could barely keep my eyes open ~ Col. Kahinda Otafire

It’s my kind of movie. It had me up, had me down, had me gripping the edge of my seat for support ~ Baddru Kiggundu

Brilliant. Just what I’ve been looking for. I’d recommend it ~ Mwana Sirina Tullo, Chairman of Insomniacs Incorporated

Maria Kiwanuka reminds us once again why she’s the right person for the job ~ a mattress

Kirunda Kivejinja turns in a stellar performance. I was actually stunned when he revealed he knew what was going on all along ~ The President

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