Ugandan Words Defined

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Ugandans know lots of things. They know how to lie their way into billions of dollars and later claim it was payment for Bad sex, they know that to kill the I.T. guy at work, you steal his anti-virus installation CD, and they certainly know that if you haven’t hit on the receptionist, you’ve never worked at that company.

So because they know so much, they’ve run out of things to know and resorted to teaching what they know. Like what some words mean in Uganda.


Noun: A written expression of appreciation that comes after government promises to deliver a service.

Synonyms: Shya – Puhlease! – Mssscccheeeww!

Usage: Ministry of Works plans to start work on roads LOL.


Noun: The corners of a place with little or no light.

Synonyms: Lights Out – My House – Bad Black.

Usage: I hid in the UMEME so they couldn’t see me.


Noun: What happens after a boy and a girl Facebook a lot.

Synonyms: Twitter – Google+ – ULK.

Usage: I poked her and she accepted my relationship request.


Adjective: The inability to sing.

Synonyms: Fake – Bad – Whiny.

Usage: That chick is very Zari.

I love you

Verb: Used by women to ask for something from their men.

Synonyms: I need a new perfume – My ATM card doesn’t work.

Usage: Those shoes look so nice I love you.


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