The Curious Case Of Bad Black’s Anal Assault

By • Jun 4th, 2012 • Category: In The News, Society

You heard the news that Bad Black’s ninja lover David Greenhulk is to face police over anal sex? Which is illegal in Uganda?

So one morning at a Uganda Police station…

Corporal: Afande sir!

Boss: Yes corporal?

Corporal: Me and Bwana Otokot we arrested this man committing a traffic offence.

Boss: So? Lock him inside. You don’t have to report to me.

Corporal: But sir…this is a…special traffic offence.

Boss: What is it?

Corporal: He was…we got him driving in the wrong lane.

Boss: And how is that special?

Corporal: Sir…I…he…

Otokot: We caught him having sex in the buttocks.

Boss: OKWO! Kyam kara myekempitpit!!

Corporal: Pardon?

Otokot: He’s talking in Luo tongues.

Boss: Whose buttocks was he committing the traffic offence in?

Otokot: The ones of Bad Black.

Boss: MY GOODNESS! Bestiality.

Corporal: Pardon?

Otokot: He means having sex with animals.

Corporal: Man, where do you learn these things?

Otokot: I went to Buddo. We had many animals and our girls were ugly. By the way, the new Miss Uganda is my O.G.

Corporal: You’re lying!

Otokot: I swear. Even all the famous girls. Bad Black, Erias Lukwago…

Boss: What’s the prisoner’s name?

Corporal: Greenhalgh.

Boss: You Green…you prisoner! Do you know that in sexual intercourse there’s input and output? You don’t put your business in the output. It’s not in the constitution.

Corporal: Sir, even Bad Black said that…

Boss: Who?

Corporal: The owner of the buttocks. She said that she was paid billions to be driven in the wrong lane.

Boss: Animals talk?

Otokot: The ones of Uganda do. It started with the Firebase crew and all other goats countrywide copied.

Boss: What’s happening to this country? Corporal, bring for me my Padlock.

Corporal: You mean the iPad?

Boss: Just bring! I want to show this man the tutorial video our police force uses for sexual combat. Maybe he’ll learn the correct things to do to a woman. Green prisoner, have you seen our Ingrid Boob video?


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