Ugandan Music Plagiarised Overseas?

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Rumour has it that Chris Brown’s upcoming new single, “From Where” was ripped off from a Ugandan songwriter who is gearing up to file a lawsuit.

The first red flag was raised when a Ugandan kyeyo banger who was cleaning fecal waste from the toilets in Glenwood Place recording studios Burbank California overheard Brown and his producer Polow Da Don rehearsing the song and recognized something familiar in the lyrics.

Here is a sample of the lyrics of From Where:

“The one who loves you will come from where? Most of them are yayers, they are limbers, they even have koochuser. Oh-oh.”

Sanitation Officer Jjunju Matthias, who flew to California two years ago to get enough money to come back and floss on Kyebando peeps with aluminium bling and a second hand macbook, said he immediately recognized the tune and the lyrics which had obviously been translated from a Ugandan song. He immediately whatsapped a friend in Kampala who alerted Jamal of the plagiarism.

Jamal recalls when he was on tour in Sweden and performed in a strip club where the theme was Africa Nite. The event was attended by Chris Brown and Swizz Beats.

“I remember Chris Brown sitting in the front row listening to me sing Anavaawa. He later said, while I was hearing nno, that ‘That’s a nice song. I should also compose it.’”


A similar suit was filed last week in Nashville Tennessee over Taylor Swift’s upcoming single , Carollina Denver, which features the lyrics, “I found her in Denver, she was tending a bar there, when I asked her what happened she said, ‘What happened just happened.’”


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