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MTN premiered MEN IN BLACK III last night. For those joining us from the stone age, the Men In Black series star Will “I’m happily married to Jada” Smith and Tommy Lee “might actually be smiling underneath it all” Jones as agents of some top secret government agency {in America because… wait for it} that protects the earth from crazy alien shit {… it’s in America because, for whatever reason, aliens just dig the states, and it’s not even for kyeyo} {as a side note, after the recession also started digging The States, aliens discovered South Africa…re; District 9}.

So these Men In Black have been pretty crap at protecting the earth thus prompting Hollywood to give them not one, not two, but 3 freakin’ shots at this shtick. I’m not going to dwell on that banter, there’s politicians that fit that profile.

In this latest installment Will Smith stars as Agent J who has to go back in time to save his partner. Tommy Lee Jones stars as Agent K who has to be saved by his partner. Josh Brolin stars as a young Tommy Lee Jones starring as Agent K who has to be saved by his partner . . .and yet Inception is still more confusing.

It’s a fairly decent movie and it felt like an acid trip down memory lane…waking in me a young boy… who shall handle the rest of this recap.

So as in I get those zones of Nakumatt Oasis, what. I first hollered some peeps I knew, said those things of what’s up, what, you get? So I alarm those escalator thingies. First time I spotted them I thought, “put your best foot forward…” or at least that’s what my zerros had said, but coz I’m too school … no, too cool for school, I did my own thing, what.

Babes In Black HD/3D

Some chick in black vaz first said warrup when I was going to climb the stairs, so I said “warririz”. Then she looks at me like “wazdi”… I didn’t know where she was taking this and I just burst up to the other jwi where other peeps were chilling. Man, it was those things of everyone and their family, what?

Then someone first hollers me saying I hand over my permoi {pamwa} chit what. So I hand it over. It was strange, coz the address wasn’t written on it ma-props, those things of “let it fly to…”. But I’m easy, those things.

Superstar Ben Mwine does his best Allan Kasujja impersonation

So I’m in the gwa with other lucky few peeps with like, you know, luck, as in. And then they say, first alert this shwipe. Nga I walk over to the bar and call the shots… no, for real, as in I said I wanted Whisky shots. My budd-eh Malcolm asked for some other shwipe from OC, then some other badde came over and we started to push kb. I think I even saw Bina Baby from that radio station. Walahi people have sike, that chick is not a baby!

a reveler and and her booty

Then I spotted Maurice Kirya who has conc jam to grow his hair. Man me I thought chap was on that stuff of chillin’ growth, what, but I don’t think the guy was jiving.

Anyway so I figure I need to get some kimere. Some babe in uni was moving around with it and so I wait for her, then she gives me dre. People can be dry. So I put myself in the line of fire, what… then she comes and first says mbu “excuse me”. Nga my stomach also says, “excuse you!” So my hands move into full effect and reach out and make a connection.

Inside those ends they were giving out phones what, and it was for just sitting on paper. Man, me I sit on tp in the loo and all I get is a clean escape from herpes…but I’m G. It’s just phones… and they have buttons…BUTTONS!! Can you gidge that dryness?

Kenneth Kiddu Ag. CMO MTN U, Ben Mwine and a burrifur usher conspire to make sure I don't get a Galaxy Note

Then they gave away a phone of note.. a galaxy note… they didn’t give it to me, so … whatever.

Then Ben Mwine came to the stage where put up banners in case you got tired of spotting the flick so you could just be there looking… thinking, but these banners are really everywhere you go.

These babes carried their own subtitles

And then the movie started….

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