Monday Massacres: Why educated women cheat more

By • May 21st, 2012 • Category: Monday Massacres

A lot went down over the weekend.

  • Zuckerberg went down the aisle
  • Bayern went down on Chelsea

Also, it was revealed by the Uganda Bureau of  Statistics(UBOS) that educated women get down more than their un-educated counterparts.  They cheat more. We were able to get in touch with a cross-section of educated women for a few hours of no-sweat-involved  interviews. You know, to get a feel of them and their thoughts on this. Like to lay  back together and understand the problem.  Like to get on top of this situation. Together. Like to let some steam off together over such an appalling situation. Like to moan and groan about how despicable the situation is. Together.   Like to strip the problem down to its bare minimums. Like to lay the situation there, naked and deal with it. Together. Here is what the grueling, thin-sheet-of-sweat-on-the-forehead-inducing hours brought to fruition.

This is what came out. This, according to them, them who were too tired to give us their names, is why educated women cheat more.

Educated Chick

Tell them Sleek....tell!

1. They like to stay up

During the course of getting educated, they spent long hours reading. The long hours stayed, the activities changed

2. They drink a lot

They are a health-conscious bunch that has been asked by health and beauty magazines to drink more. We all know drinking makes people frisky

3. They love to work out

4. They appreciate people with good heads

They like brilliant people.

5. They play hard ball

There you have it. Be educated.

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