Bribe Someone Today

By • May 18th, 2012 • Category: In The News, Politics

Meet State Minister for Finance (Planning) Hon. Matia Kasaija.

The man pictured above was invited to NBS TV for an interview to account for government money meant for the postponed population census.

What he didn’t expect was that the interview involved questions. He thought they were going to give him tea with accompaniment, put him on TV and make him famous so that girls start chasing after him.

So when he was asked to answer some questions about his ministry, he walked out in protest during a live broadcast.

A hero who deserves a medal. No one in Uganda has ever done that. It was like watching Government Avengers and he was Captain Uganda. The Marvel hero even went ahead to say that in government, bribery is very okay.


We’re following our hero into battle. Bribe someone today.

Bribe your way out of a traffic offense. Bribe a telecom employee and get free airtime. Bribe a DJ to play you a song no one else likes. Bribe a girl to love you. Bribe bribe bribe anything that moves.

Because now, you stand a chance to win from it.

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