Top Ten reasons to date a boda guy

By • May 10th, 2012 • Category: Top 10

This piece was compiled from an unsolicited drop-off. There I was chilling at home in a suit, like the guy in the O-condom advert, since that’s what all guys who chill at home do…then there was a knock at the door. I reached for my durag and nunchucks and opened the door. There, on my porch, right next to a shivering poodle, was this article; it was hand-written, with words scribbled, in red, heavily-scented lipstick, at the top “Post on ULK pleez”. So here it is:

Boda Boda

Getting a grip

Dear fellow ladies, all ma single ladies!, time to getcha hooked. Here are reasons why you should date a boda guy:

  1. Bad Boy

    Boda guy is the ultimate bad boy and you know how bad boys give us knock-knee. They make our knees weak. This guy picks up the rule book, burns it, buys every copy on the market, burns them and then smokes the ash. He’ll ride through red lights, msschew Policemen and do marijuana. King bad boy.

  2. He won’t just talk dirty to you, he IS dirty
  3. He’ll ride all day
  4. He sucks
  5. He never needs directions
  6. He (almost) always wears a helmet
  7. He listens
  8. Knows how to twist and turn when things are jammed
  9. He is probably rich
  10. He probably has an accent

Liking this article is what happens to cool people

  • Funny Guy

    Rubbish. Not even funny.