Negative Portrayal To Africa of The West in The Media Mssswww

By • May 3rd, 2012 • Category: In The News

Those of us who are deep and well informed, those of us who are not lazy African intellecuals, are aware of the fact that the hot topic in international media affairs this past week was the debate about Africa’s Image in the western world.

For those of you who are not deep like us, Africa’s image in the western world is a poor one.

There have been many debates about whose fault this is, what can be done, who should do what and why Jason Russel should go F$u%c^k* himself and I think we have pretty much figured it out.

But the other side of the issue was not addressed.

That is, of course, the image of the western world in Africa.

The media has a way of portraying the west to Africa in negative terms and something has to be done about this. For example.


Not all black Americans want to be called Nigga: They don’t all wear bling and they don’t all do marijuana in da hood. This is a common misconception caused by the media which portrays black Americans as rappers who don’t save or invest their money, but instead throw it at cameras. The negative media portrayal of African Americans has led to the false impression that female Black Americans have big butts and don’t wear clothes and that the males can’t speak properly unless a beat is playing and even then, they have nothing to say.

Not true.

The Truth:

Black America is diverse and varied and no stereotype applies to every Black American. Except for the marijuana one.


Not all American cities are deathtraps: The media portrays American cities as places that are always being torn up by disasters in the form of crazy terrorists planting bombs in banks, or alien attacks, or supervillains who want to take over ze worl or at the very least a deadly car chase that must, must, I mean there is no way this didn’t happen, must kill at least fourteen people before the cops finally catch the fool who is speeding and screeching up and down the roads.

This irresponsible media portrayal deters potential visitors and investors from Africa from going to American cities, since they are shown as prone to being blown to pieces by various agencies.


A normal day in America

The Truth:

America is invincible and will never be destroyed.


Not all Americans are hot: The media, through selective reporting, leads the world to believe that all Americans are drop dead gorgeous and yet this is not even possible according to biology and demographics. The false message being sent implies that Americans have glands which secrete makeup onto their faces.


Not even a real American

The Truth:

Americans are not the hottest people on the planet. Ugandan chicks are.


Not all Americans think All Africans live in trees, are at war, dress in hides, are corrupt, are dirt poor, etc. Just the idiots who think they can derive a complete sense of what makes an entire continent from just a few scattered pictures on screens. Seriously, if we are going to affect Africa’s image in the west, we should start by taking African kiboko to the idiots.



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