Monday Massacres: Of Taking Over

By • Apr 30th, 2012 • Category: Monday Massacres

How are you? Okay. Sleek is somewhere being sick so he asked me to take over the massacres today. Problem is I don’t know what to talk about.

Oh wait, there was that Saturday thing on Radiocity with badman Mister Deejay.We took over the city, nyakaaaz!


It’s one thing to kill the internets with #LOLs and #DEADs and #RESSURECTEDs and another to kill the radio waves with stunned silence when they ask you a question like “Choose between eating an old man’s armpits and his ugly, rotten, yellow toes.”

The obvious answer here would be armpits, right? I mean what’s the harm in eating a few pieces of smelly underarm hair? If Zuena can kiss Bebe Cool’s lips and not get malaria, anyone can put anything in their mouth and get away with it.

However, the hard part was answering the question. Being on radio is very different from hiding behind your keyboard and sending words to do your job for you.

There was a lethal dose of nervousness that got us laughing at things that have never been laughed at since they were constructed. Like the very hilarious floor we were standing on. It was a floor hahahahahahahahaaaaaaahaha. See?

Someone says “You guys of ULK are very cool” and you laugh your heads off because you don’t know what else to do and laughter is your only exit strategy.

Mister Deejay almost threw at bottle at me for taking too long to give an obvious answer to a simple question: smelly armpits or rotten toenails, man?!

What he didn’t know was the foray of moral questions running through my mind. “Is this thing on?” “What’s that green light over there?” “Does it mean I can now cross the road?” “Why was early man called Zinjathropas?” “Were cool names not yet born?”

It was a simple matter of ULK & Radiocity thought differences. Radiocity chaps arrange their thoughts in order while ULK chaps just talk.

Like when we start to say something and suddenly something else comes to mind, we just switch without Game of Thrones is a killer series.

We’re not accustomed to answering questions. Actually, most times for us, the questions come after the answers. You know how someone jumps up and asks, “What the zari did you just say?” Yeah.

But you guy. The show was on FIREEEEEEE! Frankly, I don’t know how everyone came out unharmed. A toast to Radiocity, a toaster to the ULK crew (we actually bought one just yesterday), and a toastest to Mister Deejay. You killed ’em, dude.


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