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Uncle Agony Dear,
I was recently involved in an abusive encounter. I generally like to keep a low profile and stay away from incidents that would draw attention to myself, why, my idea of  ‘coming out’ is taking a bath. However, this time round, with no provocation, a man grabbed me… aggressively. I don’t even know why he did, especially considering all I was doing was hanging around with my sister. I remember my initial reaction was one of shock, because, damn, I’m a lady and I’m not used to being treated this way, but it was soon evident that he was not going to let up anytime soon. It was a horrible experience Uncle, so much so, I even threw up some lactose I’d been keeping in for the longest time. What should I do?

Ingrid’s Boob
Dear I B… you need to be firm. Stop crying over spilled milk and move on

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