Jane Bussman …. Your Ribs… Now FIGHT!!

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Jane Bussmann is a journalist and comedian, a funny chick who is performing at Mish Mash tomorrow. She’s going to be telling some dumb stories and some scary stories in such a hilarious way that you’ll be hurting yourself and your descendants if you don’t attend the show. Let your FOMO guide you.

Jane has a highly developed sense of the ridiculous, something you’d oso need if you had to write scripts for South Park. That’s right. And if you’re a fan of Smack the Pony, Jam, The Fast show and Brass Eye, know that she’s to blame for(some of) your cracked ribs.

You know how those people of outside countries fear Africa? How they say things like “deepest darkest Africa” and shudder like Shenzi in Lion King? She somersaulted over that jazz and landed in Uganda, notebook first, to interview John Prendergast, a knicker meltingly hot peacemaker (2008).


No. Steamy things did not happen. They didn’t find love in a hopeless place. Not even happy vibrations. She did however find herself alone in the middle of Gulu, chasing a story that could have easily made her dead. Now you’d think a story like that would be choking on grimness and clichés and such shit, but nada. She finds a way to make it all very funny.

Some of the things she reveals make you wonder what the hell kind of a Ugandan you are for not knowing that such stuff is happening, stuff I’m not telling you about because you have eyes and her book is fantastic. ULK encourages reading.

She’s going to be being hilarious at Mish Mash on the 20th of this month- that’s tomorrow for y’all who use your calendars as coffee mats- so come and L(your)FAO or LY(skinny) ass off, depending.

Buy a ticket early at the nothing-compared-to-Jane’s-funnies price of 45,000 bob, or 90,000 Ush – Advance VIP Ticket (inc food & drink) or 50,000 Ush – Standard ticket on the night (if there are any left). Prepare yourself for an overload of happiness.


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