She Got Pregnant To Keep Him

By • Apr 5th, 2012 • Category: Uncle Agony

Uncle Agony dear,

I have tried to take away my neighbourhood husband but the ring wife of church is putting up so much fight for him, she even got herselef priginant. I love my husband, okay he hasn’t married me yet but he will. Should I also get priginant?

Anaza thing, i used to be their maid, that’s when I fell in love with my manster of the house.

Former housemaid in love, thank you.


Former housemaid in love, thank you dear,

Is this Bad Black? Coz I swear you look like her. Even the way you put so much unnecessary makeup on your English is the same.

Or is it Zari and Judith Heard? Coz you talk like when those two girls meet and their English jeers itself and packs its bags and goes to Sue Ochola’s house to watch UBC.

Or is it someone from A4C? Coz they were banned and I’d understand if the police raided their offices and arrested all the English.

Or maybe it’s Hajji Sebaggala. No one knows the real sex of that woman. Some people think she now works with a certain urbarn radior startion whose presenters eat breakfast in Luganda and then go and present in Engrish.

Either way, we’re very pleased and honoured to know that you read ULK.


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