My Boyfriend Now Acts Disrespectfully

By • Apr 5th, 2012 • Category: Uncle Agony

Uncle Agony dear,

I have issues with my boyfriend. He is a mummy’s boy, he likes picking fights even on the smallest thing you can think of and he’s a drunkard. Banange a piece of advice.



TS dear,

Your boyfriend may be suffering from something I don’t know about. It normally happens when he develops an allergy to an object on your body. Like maybe your breasts. But you can’t know for sure unless you try leaving him in the house alone with a foreign pair of breasts. You can borrow some from one of your friends.

Just put them somewhere he can find them easily and leave the house for about 40 to 50 years. The disease unfortunately has no cure so even if you come back, you might have to keep giving him a regular dose of different breasts here and there to prolong his life.


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