Monday Massacres : Spider Sense Is Ticking

By • Apr 2nd, 2012 • Category: Monday Massacres

Over the weekend, I trawled the internet in search of answers to so many questions that Marvel Comics leaves unanswered about Spiderman. I wanted the truth. Some things we usually figure out on our own; like we know that Superman, the man of Steel, eventually let go of his red briefs to get some from Lois. To give her some steel if you will. Why he wore his underwear like that is still bizarre…did all that radiation on Krypton fry some of his brain cells? Did he get a concussion when he dropped from the sky? Did it also make him dumb? Why would he think that he couldn’t be recognized when he wore spects?



We also know that Batman eventually run out of money and thus had no powers anymore. Joker then ate him.


But Spidey has way more unanswered questions. His spider-sense aside, one of his biggest abilities is the gift that allows him to spurt sticky stuff from his wrist (cough palm).  So when Peter Parker isn’t using the lubricant in his palm to climb up walls, like say in his free time, what does he use the goo for?

As glue?

Does he use it for the public good? Like say help the Daily Bugle, those people he works for, to bind some of the newspapers?

Does he use it for private good? Like say to pinup posters of sensual female spiders?



Is he into black widows? Would she kill him after they lock legs?

During his free time, when say thinking about Mary Jane Watson, does he accidentally spill goo on himself?

Old spidey


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