Grab Somebody & Show Them Some Patriotism

By • Mar 22nd, 2012 • Category: WTH

Today, I feel lazzy. Too lazzy, infact, to look up the correct speling of any word in this sentence but it’s okay. I did this to feel at home, to share my cultural pride and prove to the world that I’m a true Ugandan.

Just like Jason Russell did his thing to prove that he is as American as they come. Heheh. By the way, I hope Ugandans and Disguised Children are still friends.

Anyway, I’ve been accused of not being patriotic so this is my way of making my accusers happy.

But incorrect spellings are not such a big deal in Uganda, anyway. We do it alot and then blame it on the government’s poor spelling policies.

Then we walk to radio stations and make uninformed claims that the Ministry of Words & Pictures is poorly funded and incompetent. Yeah, we’re good at making things up.

Ask a certain president I won’t mention called Museveni who keeps making wrong decisions and then blames some chick in his office for confusing him.

MAN: But baby, you said if I released the money, you’d love me.

CHICK: Anti you released it to someone else.

MAN: I can release more.

CHICK: I already fell in love with the one you released it to.

I’ve just been told to quit with the whole national patriotism thing coz I suck at it so I’ll switch to the one I know. ULK patriotism, baby!

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