Why Don’t You Like Me?

By • Mar 20th, 2012 • Category: WTH

A message from Urban Legend Founders




Hi. How are you? Quite sexy? Good.

We are addressing you in this familiar way because we are friends. We have come to know each other rather well over the course of the year and a half that we have been regularly meeting here in this wonderfully trendy piece of internet real estate.

You arrive in your hordes, drawn from all over the internet-accessibile parts of the relevant world. From simple, down to earth ghetto yoots from Makindye, to sophisticated elites in Najjera, to intellectuals in various universities, to thugs in the same universities. We welcome you all.

How do we know where you are all from? Well, that’s easy. You see that webcam?

Nah. We don’t spy on you. (Unless you are sexy enough. So what are you wearing? Mmmmm? Nice. Now take it off slowly… Anyway)

We do have this machine called Google Analytics which counts you. That’s how we know there are hordes of you. Bursting bulging hordes.

As for your places of origin, that we just assume. There must be someone from Najjera on this site. Najjera people don’t miss cool things.

So Analytics, like a bus conductor, counts you when you come in to read and laugh and enjoy and assume that for us we just do it for the kicks. Though we do enjoy it very much and its the best job ever, this is actually a business. We about that paper, yo, as our readers from Mawanda Road would put it.

Mawanda Road niggas say hoooooo!

Mawandrizzle Roadizzle

Now, the conductor tells us that we have way more regular visitors than our facebook likes.  This means that some of you are not liking our facebook page. Even though you evidently like us. Due to our being awesome with our posts.

Of course you have your reasons. Maybe you don’t do Facebook. Maybe you do but you are one or one thousand those peple who only checks their feed twice a year. Maybe you are just mean. Maybe you have never thought about it.

I mean, I read McSweeneys all the time, but I have never liked their facebook page.

Whatever the reason, please, it is unnacceptable. Come to the facebook and tell the world how you really feel bout us. Until Facebook institutes the love button, come and like us on faceboook .  It’s facebook.com/urbanlegendkampala .

After all, we like you. Really.




Liking this article is what happens to cool people