How Kony 2012 Film Created A Wild Chain Of Events

By • Mar 15th, 2012 • Category: In The News

It all started when Invisible Children released a viral video containing footage of LRA rebel leader Carl Weathers abducting innocent children to be used as extras in the 1987 hit movie, Predator.


Rebel leader Carl sweeps the jungles of Northern Uganda

In a bid to make Weathers famous, the video called upon the world to stop him, which attracted massive public outcry over why the video creator had chosen to publish the video so many years after the release of the movie.

Following the video’s unprecedented worldwide success, Uganda’s Sexual Relations Ambassador to the UK, Miss Bad Black then quickly released a viral pregnancy containing two children that were abducted from the southern outskirts of their father and turned into child soldiers for 9 months.

Unfortunately, this pissed off other politicians who felt her move would only work to derail the country’s great sexual relations with the UK and a distress call was immediately put out to stop the spread of talk about the pregnancy.

Consequently, all public gossip booths (commonly known as taxis) were taken off the streets of Kampala, an unexpected development that crippled the city’s public transportation system and rendered travellers helpless.

To mitigate this, the booths were replaced by special buses designed to load passengers in overwhelming numbers in order to inhibit any gossip particles from free movement.

Many passengers uncomfortable with the new design protested and the public gossip booths were cleaned and put back on the road.

And now opposition MPs want to impeach President Museveni. Could he be the Invisible Adult behind Miss Black’s viral pregnancy? Stay tuned. We’ll be right back after these messages.


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