Get On The Bus

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I have not ridden the bus yet. My multiplex parking sticker still has two days and I don’t want to waste them, but this does not mean I am not very eager too.

Like my fellow ugandans, the low income earners, I,  too, am fraught with maalo and cannot wait to get a taste of this new and exciting thing.

It’s like when I bought a phone even though I was lonely and forsaken and didn’t have anyone to call. I just bought the phone and played snake and snake and snake.

Now, I have been psychologically preparing myself for the bus experience. I want it to not catch me by surspise. I have been doing research.


Spike Lee’s 1999 film Get On The Bus stars Isaiah Washington as a gay man who melees chaps. You may remember Isaiah Washington better as dude who got fired from Grey’s Anatomy for calling another dude a faggot. (Well, if you don’t remember, due to you being male and Grey’s Anatomy being for females, here is an update. Isaiah Washington called a guy a faggot and got fired.

I think this teaches us that on the bus there may be a gay person or two, but we should be open and tolerant.

Destiny’s Child’s little remembered 1999 club song Get On the Bus.

Prior to Beyonce becoming the Beyonce, she was four of them. Well there was a group. Beyonce and three chicks who we never really get to know because the camera was always on you-know-who.

They sang a song called Get On The Bus which may have been about breaking social apathy to the issues that affect your community and being the change you want to see. But it was probably about one night stands with whoever buys you drinks. That was what all Destiny’s Child’s songs were about those days.

Lesson learned.: Nothing.


In this movie Keanu Reeds saves the day after a terrorist attacks a bus Sandra Bullock is on.

Lesson learned.: The busses are safe if there are cops on board.


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