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South Africa… take two.

I passed by a dealership the other day and I was instantly filled with the desire to pop in, jump into a car and then have my picture taken. I would then leak this picture to some newspepper and wait until they’d bundle words like tycoon behind my name. Then I’d issue the following statement;


I ended up catching a show on telly hosted by the nation’s finest. And it was not SA’s equivalent of The Hostel. Hell, it even had commercial breaks and shit. They are not playing around.

Think about it, our biggest claim to fame (as far as the cops are concerned) is probably that election song that the PR lady from the police force put out. Word has it that that’s not her biggest claim to fame.

Is that a gun in your hand or am I just happy to see you

I was actually intrigued enough to watch the show and learnt;

In the 1st segment – Some goons had been accosted and their weapons taken

In the next segment – another batch of goons was apprehended… with guns

Then the next – some guns were accosted, but their goons were nowhere to be seen

And then finally, some guns were taken and punished, suffering the indignation of being crushed to death. Oh the humiliation of it all. Live by the gun die by the compressor.

I think they are going to take this metal and recycle it. In its next life, to teach it a lesson, the gun will come back as the nib of a pen-giving rise to the popular expression; the pen is mightier than the sword.

This got me thinking. We might be going about stuff the wrong way. Maybe what we need to deal with corruption in Uganda are meaningful and empowering TV shows… that provoke thought;

Stick around, this will only take a minute

Mutebile’s Minute; In this special segment, we reveal that the Governor is not clinging to power, but actually observing Lent and fasting unemployment.

Active Feetness with A4C; Great tips on how to manage footwear after it’s eaten strawberry yoghurt, the art of defensive walking hosted by Warren Besigye followed by a demo of the Running Man by Ken Lukyamuzi.

and one by one, they lay hands on him

From Rags to Bitches; An expose on how sex tourism is messing up the morals of prostitutes in the third world. A special report coming to you live from the back of a pick up… or behind bars.

The Forbidden City; Starring The Loud Mayor Erias Lukwago and Executive Direct Her Jennifer Musisi, this eye opener reveals what goes on as the Kampala City Council Authority grapples with the answer to the question, “Who’s Your Daddy?”

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