Mutebile Says Only God Can Sack Him. Meanwhile At Some Meeting…

By • Mar 2nd, 2012 • Category: Politics

Over at parliament…


  • Maybe one of us can dress like God and then go and fire him.


  • But no one has ever seen God.


  • Me I’ve seen the film.


  • Which film?


  • The one where this man and the woman were naked and…


  • That was pornography you fool!


  • But she kept shouting “Oh my God!”


Meanwhile at the NRM caucus…


  • Which God was he meaning? The one up or the one at State House?


  • Hard to tell.


  • When he said it, was he holding a Bible or a fighter jet?


  • Are you stupid? How can someone hold a fighter jet?


  • Don’t be a fala! Have you seen Rambo in Matrix?


  • That was Neo.


  • Ne-yo this one of Obsessions?


  • Guys, let’s stick to the subject.


  • Drinks are over. We either end the meeting or we ask for more money from parliament.


Back at parliament…


  • What if we tell him God is an MP?


  • No, he may see through that.


  • What if we blind him and then tell him?


Back at the NRM caucus…


  • Okay, while we wait for the drinks, what should we talk about?


  • Something.


  • Good. Anything else?


  • Something else.


  • Very good! I like the way this young man is thinking. Keep it up and you’ll become a minister.


  • I am a minister.


  • That’s the spirit! Believing is receiving.


Back at parliament…


  • Sir, the ministers have sent me for more money for drinks.


  • Are they discussing something that will build this great nation?


  • They are talking about Obsessions.


  • That’s their idea?! Guys, I hear the NRM circus is…


  • NRM caucus…


  • Go and wait at the reception! Wamma you, I hear the ministers want to send Obsessions to sack him.


  • That will only work if you change the spelling.


  • What spelling?


  • Suck.


  • Okay, everyone in agreement of changing the spelling put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care.


  • Good. I think we are all in agreement. Catch you guys in club. And yes, the money for their drinks is approved. Such great thinking individuals!


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