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The news in brief;

  • Syda Bbumba and Khiddu Makubya resign from positions of power {That would have been punny if Bbumba had done this during that Energy Minister period, now it’s flatter than a graph tracking Red Banton’s career}
  • General Tinyefuza resigns from his name
  • The president intercepts a letter addressed to the House of Commons with contents that suggest that the English language has resigned from the writer’s grasp.

As luck would have it, David Sejusa happened to be about {on the interwebs, really} so we thought we’d catch up.

ULK: David. What’s happenin’ player!

David: Please, please. I am still just getting familiar with my new brand. I think it is too early to be calling me player.

ULK: My bad. We know you’re a busy guy, co-ordinating security and stuff, so we were wondering how you managed to slip a name change within your busy schedule.

David: It’s true that I’d rather be squandering the country’s resources from time to time, but I was recently alerted to a stockpile of names we could help ourselves to, so I thought, why not?

ULK: But why that name? Surely, you could have gotten something… foreign. One of those names that sits on that page in your passport and dares the reader to ‘do sumfin’… like the artist.

David: Funny you should mention that, I wanted to take The Artist, but Tumwiine has reserved that one.

ULK:  The general formerly known as Tinyefuza?

David: No, no, I’m done with that identity. I don’t want to be associated with it on any level. Imagine the president read a letter, like say to the House of Commons and it said it was written by Tinyefuza. Imagine the storm…

ULK: Did you write that letter? Is that the reason for the name change? Do you have regrets?

David: Nze Sejusa!

How do you understand me?



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